Friday, August 18, 2017

Back to School 2017

I recognized the look on their faces, these new-to-the-school moms, rushing their tiny ones through the masses of excited children in the halls. Trying to keep up, holding a tiny hand for one last time this summer, as they dart in and out of a sea of backpacks and Kleenex boxes and classroom snacks for their new classrooms. Their new home-away-from-home. And I remember that feeling. 
Ironically, I'm still there. 
My baby is in third grade and I mirror those new nervous smiles, trying to show how excited I am for the big day, but still worried. Will he be okay? Will his teacher be nice? Will he have any friends in the class? 
Hold that hand as long as he'll let you.
Don't be embarrassing.

I probably overstayed my walk-in as a third grade parent. Actually, I know I did. John & Emma told me. And I was dismissed at the front doors today for day 2. That's Evan's way of gently letting mom know he was going to be okay. Because, you know, he's the mature one in this situation.

I made it through his drop off without tears, and even dropped off Emma with makeup intact!
But don't send me flowers just yet. Because as I drove out of the drop-off loop at the junior high, momma's tears fell like Niagara falls. Hubby got his annual phone call, talking softly, cooing his tear-laden wife back to normal. Poor guy. I wonder if he waits in his office now, expecting the call, and heads out into the pit after he drops his wife off at the first day of school.


Can you imagine being a momma bird? Knowing their chicks need to fledge the nest. Knowing they'll spread those wings and fly, and knowing they'll LOVE seeing the world from above. And when a chick won't go on their own? Momma gently pushes them out, because even when they think they're not ready, momma knows they are. It was what God made them to do, and it's what God made us to do. 
My little ones need to fly. And they will. and they'll love it, and they'll soar. 
And neither of them ever need to be pushed.
They're amazing.

(Momma bird, however....)

After school, a happy boy came running out of the building. I asked him how his first day was and he said, "AWESOME!"

When we picked Emma up, she said her first day was "Really Great!"

And once again, my heart was full and my little ones were on their way to the best year yet!

(And the house projects have resumed...)

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  1. How they have grown! Sending wishes for a wonderful school year ahead! <3


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