Thursday, June 15, 2017

2017 Illinois River Float

Floating the river is always a fun trip for us, but it was made even better this year because our friends joined in on the fun!
We stayed at a different resort this year, because the river was too high in our usual place, so we were a little more "exposed" to the regular river rats and all their "exposing" activity, but you know, now that we've got teens, it's never too early to show them firsthand the results of drinking in excess, right? ;)
The reason we chose to stay here at War Eagle Resort, was because close to our campsite was a small river run that was shallow enough for the kids to wade in, and if the current got them, it would take them right to the raft launch area, which was pretty much next to our tent.

Behind our tent was a creek that was calm and still. We got to watch the catfish and gar catching their dinner, and the little boys caught minnows.

I made a bug lawn spray with a recipe I found on Pinterest, and it must have worked, because between all nine of us, I think there were only a few mosquito bites! I'm going to have to cook it up 100x fold and use it at our house!!

This is hamburger, by the way. A big ol' foot long red eared slider that we found up the road. The kids wanted to save it from the raft buses that flew up and down the road, so we moved her to our creek.

And then, we loaded up for the float trip.
A little advice: You have to check in with your ID, so while it seems ridiculous to float a river with your license on you, you'll have to. Otherwise you'll have to walk allllllll the way back to camp to get it and walk alllllll the way back to the float office and teach your kids and your friends' kids the f-word. I mean, I'm not saying that Kyle did that, it's just a recommendation. Ha! ;)
And also, if your kiddo has a double ear infection, bring extra ear plugs, because when you lose the only one you brought, your kid will hate you when you when you replace the tampon cotton with ear putty and push too hard and make it hurt so bad they almost call you the f word that they just learned from your friend... just sayin'...
But we FINALLY set off on our journey.

This photo was taken right before boat 857 got stuck in an upturned log's giant roots, spanking Anitra in the butt and making Ethan cry. Look at their faces! HA! I have the whole thing on video. I'll have to send it to them one of these days when they can look back and laugh...but for now, still too soon...

You're not allowed to tie the rafts together, so for snack time, we made the teens be our connecting devices.

The teens saw their first boobies-for-beads action on the river, and the littles eventually started chanting along with the group saying "AEROLA! AEROLA!", before we had to explain what that meant. We saw passed out drunks and drunks trying to paddle canoes that were eventually underwater at some point. It was pretty educational. Not what we normally get at the family friendly part of the river we are used to. Trying new things, right? Ha!

Back at camp, it was showers and relaxing.

I don't like s'mores. I don't like chocolate or graham crackers. But, Evan made me one and he was so proud, I had to eat it.
So here you go, mom & dad. Put it in the baby book! My first s'more!

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  1. Wait! You don't like chocolate. I can no longer be your best friend

    1. And this is why I have no friends 😪😂


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