Saturday, April 8, 2017

Emma's Update (Again)

SO, first of all, THANK YOU again for your never ceasing prayers! We are so so so thankful for each and every one!

And now, to the news you've been waiting for!

After the blood draw, and a (what felt like 4 hour) 45 minute wait, the results were good! Although the levels are still high, they are lower than before, and the possibility of it turning out to be lymphoma are pretty low!! Like, pretty much NO! Like, THANK YOU GOD low!

SO, that means that whatever this is, she's fighting it off!

We are still waiting on a couple tests to come back to possibly figure out what kind of virus this is, but there are only so many they can test for. Either way, she's kicking it's butt, and we'll be monitoring her levels until they return to normal.

God is good!

xoxo, H Pin It


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