Friday, April 21, 2017

Rolling Thunder

This morning, it's raining outside. Like, not a monsoon rain, but it's pretty heavy. And were I a baby turtle...monsoon. Just sayin'.
The skies are grey and it casts a greenish haze over the world.

But as I herd Evan into the van
(for the third time, after he forgot his backpack, and his homework), I'm feeling SO FREAKIN blessed to have a garage. That I can park in. And stay dry. And my little guy can run in and out three times and the inside of my car won't be molding tomorrow. And even moreso, that I can wear slippers and never once set foot into the flooded ground.

The school had sent an email that tardies weren't going to be given today, because the drop off line is 452 miles long when it rains, and it will go long past the starting bell. Luckily, Evan is waterproof and he can make the 100ft. walk into the school without me staying in that line for the front door drop-off. I watched him run off with his backpack and umbrella and I kinda missed the little pre-k baby that I used to huddle under my umbrella like a duckling, keeping him dry on our waddle into the school as if he would melt in the rain, but then I looked down at my pajama pants and fuzzy crocs and actually said, OUT LOUD, "eh", and drove home to my dry garage to grab the princess and drive her down the street to the bus stop, not because she would melt, but because she's wearing my favorite pair of VANS and I can't allow them to get wet. Priorities, people. Seriously.

You know, when we lived in Cali, there was nothing I missed more than thunder. Okay, well maybe seasons, but besides that, THUNDER. Big rolling thunder that you could hear approaching. And short, cracking thunder that makes you flinch and smile at the same time. I missed sitting on the porch swing watching the stormclouds roll in with my dad or grandma, when she was visiting. I missed counting the seconds between the sound and the sight and guessing how far away it was. And I missed the way it all came together into my favorite kind of weather. And today, it's beautifully chaotic in the sky, and the thunder is crashing almost constantly like the ocean waves and the rain is pouring down like a big, cry of relief, and the lightning is shooting across the sky like quick glimpses into a world beyond, and I am at peace. This is my weather.

The best thing one can do when it's raining is to let it rain.
- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Have a wonderful Friday!

xoxo, H

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Saturday, April 8, 2017

Emma's Update (Again)

SO, first of all, THANK YOU again for your never ceasing prayers! We are so so so thankful for each and every one!

And now, to the news you've been waiting for!

After the blood draw, and a (what felt like 4 hour) 45 minute wait, the results were good! Although the levels are still high, they are lower than before, and the possibility of it turning out to be lymphoma are pretty low!! Like, pretty much NO! Like, THANK YOU GOD low!

SO, that means that whatever this is, she's fighting it off!

We are still waiting on a couple tests to come back to possibly figure out what kind of virus this is, but there are only so many they can test for. Either way, she's kicking it's butt, and we'll be monitoring her levels until they return to normal.

God is good!

xoxo, H Pin It

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Follow-Up Day!

     You know how in high school, they'd tell us to dress up for tests, because if you feel good, you'll do good? Well, that's the thought going through my head this morning as I stare at my closet full of nothing to wear, and choose a nice button up shirt to complement my rain boots. And then I immediately hang it back up. I'm grasping for straws again! I tell myself. Because that's what the whole two weeks has been about. Grasping for a reason that she got these strange readings. Mono? Zika? Flu R? The soon-to-be-named-Castro-Virus? ANYTHING but the prognosis I dread the most. I've asked agnostics and atheists and Buddhists to pray to whatever it is they believe or don't believe in.  I've made a zillion collect calls up to the heavens, imagining his royal highness rolling his eyes and laughing at the squirrely human who won't shut up. SO I grab my comfy flannel and pull my jeans on and haphazardly braid my hair into a keep-it-outta-my-face braid, and keep that brave face on until the kids are off and it's just me and the zoo. I scramble around in the cupboard until I find the coffee mug of choice. Not one from my usual rainbow collection, and not the peeps ones Kurt got me, that have made their Easter presence, but the giant, fat, stein sized mug from the depths of the shelf. The one saved for days like this. The days when holding Heidi together is gonna need a bit more coffee than the average joe. You know, first day of school, last day of the world, Eli's Birthday, John's CT scan days, and now this one. Emma's day.
     I'm nervous, but her local Dr. doesn't seem too worried anymore, and our M.D. friends try to say encouraging things, swollen lymph nodes...they're pretty common, and I'm sure it's going to just be a virus, and she'll be fine!, and I believe them, but I also don't commit. Because when I commit, the bottom usually drops out PLEASE don't drop out on me this time!
     I have a whole page in my planner filled with a collection of sweet notes we've gotten over the past couple weeks. A friend going through her own scary medical issues takes the time to make me a little scripture card, another card left on my windshield while I was out running at the lake. (What a heartwarming way to end that run!), a rainbow postcard all the way from Wisconsin giving us "SQUAD POWER!!". This girl and I are so very blessed with our circle of warriors. The texts and emails and voicemails and prayers and flowers are humbling, and I am more than brought to tears at each and every one. SO if I haven't thanked you, please know how truly thankful we are to know that you are there, that you aren't just Horton's Who's! We hear you! And we are humbled and loved.
   We'll start off on our journey in a couple hours! Updates as we get them!
        xoxo, H

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