Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Always Potterheads Festival 2017

It's no secret that I'm a huge Potterhead (a fan of all things Harry Potter), so when I had the choice of attending a fun, great cause fundraiser party or hit the city up to regale the glory of Potterheads like me, I went for the obviously selfish choice, which ended up being much more fun for me! ME ME ME! 

The weather was pretty much freezing with a subzero wind chill, but the line to get in was wrapped all around the huge building like a scarf, weaved out of wizarding robes and house colored scarves. Hagrid headed up the front of the line along his his family members, two of which we shared a table with at the Quidditch Team Fundraiser Ball last December! Small world!

There were food trucks set up outside with their fun menus carefully laid out, luring us in with the warm scents of dragon flesh on a stick and hot butterbeers.

When we finally got inside, the place was AMAZING. The house cup contest hadn't officially started yet, but by the time we left, those cups were filled to the brim with cash. I'm not sure which house won, but at any rate, it was going to be a close call. 

The first thing we did was to get in the line for wands. Evan had his heart set on getting a wand, if nothing else. (But there was a list, if course, of things he "NEEDED" to find while there in Diagon Alley)
Emma & I shopped at a couple booths while the boys held our spot in line. I ended up with a crochet Mandrake-in-a-pot to keep Cactus Jack company in the rainbow room, and we caught up with the guys just as they purchased their wands. 

Evan decided on Ron's wand while John went for the Elder Wand. They promptly took them out of their silky boxes and began having a duel right there in the middle of Diagon Alley, which was probably a good choice, seeing as how within minutes, it was too crowded to even walk around!

Another stop we made was at the broomsticks shop, where Evan carefully and sloooowwwwly chose the best broomstick in the lot. It had to be green. It had to be a certain size. It had to not be too straight or too crooked. It had to have the right bristles. (The muggle seen here is actually removing a couple not-right bristles from the final pick.) 

Emma & I had planned on buying a sorting bathbomb. They're white, but once you put them in your bath, they reveal a color to "sort" you into your right house. BUT, when we saw these, we went a different direction. Each of these house bathbombs have a patronus charm inside! We grabbed one for each house, of course. 

After shopping the booths at Diagon Alley, we headed upstairs to the food & activities. 
The decorations were AMAZING.

We signed up for a potions-making class, and then casually strolled up to get tattooed. 
We live on the edge like that.

While Ev was getting inked, Em and I checked out the goodies at the sweet shop and the trolley. 

I ended up buying a sorting hat cookie. When we bite into it, it'll show the color of the house we're sorted into. 
Any guesses??

Isn't this the sweetest Slytherin you've ever seen?!

The house band was playing versions of Hedwig's Theme and covering other songs from Christian to Hip Hop. Pretty impressive!

The glowing cotton candy line was uber long, mostly because every 15th customer got a free wand and the cotton candy was only $3!
From this line we watched the band play, muggles and wizards heading in and out of the card reader's tent, Azkaban photos being taken, and a "sexy Harry Potter" selling photos and prints. 

That's a family four pack of Butterbeer, folks! My man knows how to party!

The Potion-Making class was fun! He got a little bottle and labelled it, filled it with potions and ingredients, and had it sealed and hung around his neck.

Then it was back down to the car, backpack bulging with wizarding gear to last us until next time!

The little wizard flew around the parking lot while we decided on what to grab from the coffee truck.

Emma went for the "Ghostly Mocha", while I couldn't pass up "Dobby's Drink", because, well, DOBBY.

Dobby's Drink turned out to be a shot glass of Cortado, which was awful-tasting, but for the experience, I drank as much as I could.

It was an AMAZING festival, and I absolutely can't wait until next year!
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