Thursday, January 5, 2017

Well, Hello, 2017!

Oh, man! What a year 2016 has been! I have to say, that although it probably wasn't my very best year, I don't quite understand why the general consensus on the interwebs is that 2016 ranks up there with Felicity cutting her hair or Dumbledore's death. 
There are countless horrible things going on in the world that hurt our souls deeply, but for our little family, 2016 wasn't half bad. I guess that could be seeing the glass half full.

Have you made your resolution? Or do you have a theme or word for the new year? They're not a huge ordeal in the house of Castro, but we make them, nonetheless. This year, my word is FLY.

Don't worry, I'm not going to jump off the roof with my blankie again. 2017 is going to be an amazingly big year for growth and change. 

I'm going to fly.

  • I'm going to get out of my comfy nest and explore new things! This homebody is going to get wild this year! Maybe order something other than chicken fingers at a restaurant! Maybe I'll go to lunch with the girls! Maybe I'll wear lipstick and heels! Okay, I probably am getting a little too excited now. Gotta save something for 2018...
  • I'm going to face changes with grace and splendor, and let God fill my wings with His wind! Change has never been my best friend. We fight a lot. Change comes on over after I write out my itinerary and scribbles on it. He makes the grocery store run out of ginger when I need it for tonight's dinner. And he even makes my friends late for stuff! CURSE YOU, CHANGE!!! But, this year, we're going to try and get along, Change and I. He's gonna pull his crap, and I'm gonna be all "Whatever, man. Just lock up when you're done." Or at least let John have a few dozen less times of saying "You can plan a perfect picnic, but you can't control the weather, babe!", and then getting yelled at because WHY CANT I CONTROL THE WEATHER?!?!? 
  • I'm going to soar above all the negative people and things in my life, and try my hardest to be the wind in others' sails. This has been a work in progress for YEARS now, and it gets better every year! New Years goals don't have to have an ending date, right? Kinda like a house mortgage. I'm probably on that 30 year plan. Negative people have a place in my life, and a purpose, but MY goal is to love them anyway, and NOT let their rain clouds cover up my sunshine. Because we all know I control the weather. And I like sun. 
  • And I'm going to help my little ones learn to fly, too. Emma's pretty independent. She's been stretching out her wings since the day she was brought into this world. She's always been strong and brave and ready to take on the world. Just like her daddy. Evan and I are a little less so. We like to snuggle up in our warm nest and watch the world from our safe little home. We have everything we ever need or want, so why risk going out with the hawks and owls and falling blue ice?! We have our family and a couple close friends, so why make more? (I still don't really have an answer for that, but I'm sure there's a few). Wanna be friends? (And go ahead and picture the guy from the sonic commercial, because that's how awkward I would sound)
In FACT, we were in Guthrie this past month and we *almost* went to find a dear blogging friend I've never met in person, but has been there for us since I started this whole blog. The sicknesses and sadness. the happy times and growing children. But then I thought "Wait a second. If we look up this woman's address, drive to her house, knock on the door, and say 'hey! what's up?!', I'm pretty sure she'd call me a stalker and dial 911. So, there's that.
(Although if you live somewhere completely awesome and have floor space for 4 sleeping bags, I may risk the 911 call...) I kid, I kid! ... maybe. 
(Anyone live in Pompeii?!?)

Some of my favorites going into 2017:
New season of Stranger Things
New Season of Unbreakable Kimmie Schmit
American Housewife (SO funny!)
The new LEGO sets are pretty Fab this year!
Wood burning fireplace!
Square prints

So, what's your goal for 2017?! I wanna know!!

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  1. Love this!! You can always come to Dallas, probably not too adventurous but we do have a Zoo membership. Happy 2017

    1. We love Dallas!! And we've never been to the zoo there!! We'll just show up on your doorstep like hobos one day, I'm sure! 😂

  2. SpåRkLé, Shimmer and Shine are my 2017 words, shining my own little light as steadily as I can. ... And worth the new moon, this is the beginning of the Chinese New Year, Fire Rooster!!
    I have been clearing and dethugging, with more to do, but filled a couple of donation bags last week! I'd attended a gals'clothing exchange last weekend, and traded the contents of two Ross bags for "New to me" clothes, ... which I managed to put away by the end of the day!
    Happy travels!!

    1. I LOVE those words!!
      We have been supplying the donation stores with quite a few bags as well - I wish we had an exchange group here! What a great idea!


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