Thursday, January 26, 2017

Blooming Where You Are Planted....or not.

I like winter and all, but it's kinda like my grandpa always said about fish & family - after a few days, they start to stink. (That's my grandpa for you!) I love the winter when the snow falls softly and the kids are bundled up and re-enacting Randy from A Christmas Story, taking turns saying "I can't put my arms down!" and "Just put them down when you get to school." after a few attempts at pushing them down. I love slouchy hats with big puffy balls on the top and furry boots and catching snowflakes on your tongue. But where we live, the snow doesn't come very often anymore, and we are left with the browns of the grass and naked trees and wind that rushes by so fast and so cold that it actually, seriously, HURTS your face and takes the breath right out of your mouth. And that's when I'm all "Bye, Felicia!" to winter, but she doesn't listen. She just stays here for a couple more months, whipping winds and redding noses. 
So, to fight back, I buy flowers at the flower shop and hang a few more strings of colorful happy and light a candle that smells of springtime. And I buy bulbs to force. Usually tulips or daffodils, but this year, a purple hyacinth. And today, after a couple weeks of inpatient waiting, she is awake and blooming and beautiful and fragrant!! And I'm doing a dance of "YESSSSSSS!!!" and pointing at winter outside like "Take THAT, winter!!"

And then I calm down, and stare at the hyacinth and apologize for "forcing" her to bloom earlier than nature had intended, but my GOSH she did so great, and then I think, 

this is me.

Some people will never get out of their comfort zones. They're happy and content and by gosh, we're not gonna change it. Which is all good, except there are things we are sent here to learn and do, and sometimes we have to be forced. And I am one of those people. One day God sticks me in a special vase, all balled up and introverted and happy just being safe and stagnant, and waits. And even though I don't wanna, my roots begin to grow, and I feel like this is too soon! I don't like change!, but every morning, He peeks into my vase and talks to me, and tells me i'm doing well, and I grow a little more every day, even though I may not be ready. And my leaves begin to blossom, and I'm becoming a little bolder every day, and one day, I'll bloom into a magnificent creature that I wasn't sure I ever wanted to become, and he'll take pictures of me and show his buddies and say "Isn't she MAGNIFICENT?! She was content on blooming in the springtime, but I knew she could handle the winters of life, and I loved her enough to be by her side every day until she blossomed, and just LOOK at her!"

And I'd just smile and show off my bravery and change that I never knew I had, until I was forced. 

Happy Thursday, from Heidi the Hyacinth

p.s. Thank you for all the vegetarian recipes!!! They were AWESOME additions to our menu!!
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