Tuesday, January 17, 2017

A Pair of Jacks

January is half way over!
And it's all good because this month we're taking off our Lady Gaga meat dresses and have been eating VEGETARIAN! So, we're half way through this project, and are pretty anxious for February 1st, because, well, WHOPPERS WITH CHEESE.

The first home project of 2017 was the family room, otherwise known as the rainbow room. I cannot imagine why.
She got a new dress in what has become my favorite paint color (It has slowly taken over, room by room...) - a very light grey. The color cubbies also got a remake. I raised them up a few inches so that I could 1.) Finish them off with matching trim and 2.) Put in a vent for the floor vent that previously sat there like a chihuahua with a big butt on it's face, unable to unleash the powers of cooling and heating deep within...

Also, there is a sad tale of a cactus by the name of Jack. It involves a baby Saguaro from the Tucson airport, an Elvis Impersonator, a Twitter saga, and a sad cactus mother. But that is a tale for another day, because on this day - this happy Tuesday - the cactus mother found her an un-dying replica of poor Cactus Jack, bought him a new shiny pot, and added him to the collection of happy thoughts over there in the corner of the rainbow room.

He's precious, no? 
I seriously need to learn to crochet...

And then there's my other Jack, all ready for Valentine's Day.

Have any good vegetarian recipes?!? 


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