Tuesday, December 13, 2016

{Lego Advent} December 9

On Friday, Mummy & Daddy Lego headed out early to go Christmas shopping. The little ones were still asleep after staying out late helping Grammie at the bakery stand (and eating all those sweets!)

What did they buy, you ask?
Well, I can neither tell you nor show you, dear friends, or we might spoil Christmas!

But, I can tell you that after they shopped and shopped, Daddy lego was ready for a warm cider and Momma, who is always ready for a hot cocoa, suggested that they stop at the Bricksmeade Brewery to grab some warm drinks to fill them up!

Levi Lego and his wife Greta owned the brewery and it was rumored that they even brewed the hot cocoa that Mrs. Claus gave Santa! Nobody knew for sure, not even their daughter, Ava, but they all believed it. It tasted like magic!


"Where are Emma & Evan?", Ava asked Daddy Lego. 
"Why, I believe that after they got up today, they were headed out to the skating pond! I bet they're there right now! You had best get going, little Ava!"

And off she went, grabbing her skates and gloves!
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