Tuesday, December 13, 2016

{Lego Advent} December 8

I'm sorry I haven't been around to peek into Bricksmeade with you for a few days! I had left on an adventure of my own, but now I have returned, and I can tell you all about it!
On Thursday morning, the children were just finishing up their bricks & blocks cereal when a knock came at the cottage door. 
"Who could it be?", asked Mommy Lego.
Just then the door opened wide, and there stood Grammie Lego! Oh, the little ones were jumping with joy!
"Hello, my dear ones!", Grammie said. "I have set up the bakery stand for Christmas Faire and I need help picking up the baked goods from the bakery today! I could sure use two strong little figs!", she said, with a wink.


It wasn't long before the three of them had made it to the glowing window of the Bricksmeade Bakery. The smells that filled the air were of sugary cupcakes and truffles and pretzels in every color and flavor. They saw Ms. Mable inside, waving warmly. 


Ms. Mable owned and lived in the shop with Mr. Wes and little Eli. Together they baked the most delicious little treats day in and day out! 
Grammie Lego was very excited to be selling them at her bakery stand this year! She happily paid Mr. Wes for all the delicious things she could fit in the tiny stand. 


While Ms. Mable boxed up all the yummies, Emma & Evan watched little Eli as he pulled a fresh loaf of bread out of the big stone oven. Eli was the best bread maker in the land, and it tasted as though you were eating a slice of heaven's clouds when you ate it. 
The little Legos' tummies rumbled from all the scents of the bakery!


As they said goodbye, Ms. mable gave them a tray of cupcakes for the road and Eli handed Evan the fresh loaf of Heaven Bread. 
"Goodbye!", he said to his dear friends. "We'll be together again soon!"
"Goodbye, Eli!", they all said, and off they scurried to the bakery stand, one cupcake in hand, and a bite of bread in the other. 

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