Wednesday, December 7, 2016

{Lego Advent} December 7

The little Lego family has gotten an important call today! Grandad Lego has opened the tree farm that he and Granda run each year in Bricksmeade, and their favorite little grandlegos are going to have first pick of the trees this morning! How exciting!
The family walks across the snowy street to the tree farm, it's Christmas lights aglow!
Evan is so excited to see Grandad! He gives him a big hug as Grandad throws him up in the air. "Wheeeee!", he squeals. 


While he is up in the air, he notices something on the top of the light post and tells Daddy lego. 
"Quick, Mommy Lego, go and get your camera!", he says.
He points up at the brown owl that has taken perch on the flagpole as if he was wanting to watch the first tree cutting of the season. 
Mommy Lego takes pictures as the rest of the family checks out every beautiful tree on the lot, looking for their favorite. 


It looks as though Grandad and Emma have found it!
They all agree and Daddy Lego gets ready to cut the tree.


Chop! Chop! Chop!
"TIMBER!", Daddy and Grandad Lego yell, and the tree is ready to go home.
Just then Granda and the kids come around the corner with the tree wagon, and good ol' Gingerbread, their horse,  pulling it through the snow. 

The little family brings the tree inside and begins to decorate it with all the colorful ornaments they have gathered over the years. 


For the final event, Daddy Lego picks little Evan up to hang the star atop the tree. 
Mommy & Emma clap and cheer from above.


Their little lodge is ready for Christmas now!
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