Tuesday, December 6, 2016

{Lego Advent} December 6

Happy Tuesday, friends! There is new snow on the ground in bricksmeade and we hear the little crunching footsteps of Evan & Emma coming down the street. Do you see what they are holding? Where do you think they are going?


Those are their letters to Santa Claus! And they are headed to the Bricksmeade Post to deliver them!
When they arrive, they greet their friend, Sophia, who is stuffing Christmas cards into the post boxes. "Hello, Emma! Hello, Evan!", she says. "So nice to have you back in town! If you are wanting to mail those letters, take them inside to my mom! These boxes are overflowing already with parcels and cards! My daddy is on his way to pick them up in the Post Truck!"
"Oh my! That is a lot of letters! Thank you!", the little legos reply, and head inside. 


Inside, Postmaster Staci has a fire crackling in the fireplace and "Jingle Bricks" playing on the radio. It feels just like Christmas should!
"Hi, kids! Welcome back!", she happily exclaims. "I've been expecting you! You two are the only ones that haven't sent their Christmas letters yet!"
Postmaster Staci always keep track of the childrens' letters to Santa. Mister B makes a special trip to Santa's Workshop to deliver them on the opening day of the big Christmas Faire!


The children place their letters on top of the ever-growing stack of cards and letters on her desk. 
"I sure hope Mr. B comes soon, or we'll have mail flying out the windows!", she says. 
The children giggle and say goodbye. 


Outside, they hear the recognizable putt-putt-putt of Mr. B's Post Truck. He has come to pick up all the mail that has been mailed today!
"Hello, children!", he says in is booming voice. (He has to talk very loud over the old truck!)
"Hello, Mister B!", say Evan & Emma. "Hi Daddy!", says Sophia. 


They make plans with Sophia to meet up at the frozen pond soon to skate and head back in the crunchy snow to their cozy little home. 
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