Monday, December 5, 2016

{Lego Advent} December 5

Good morning from Bricksmeade! The little winter village where we find little Emma and Evan heading out for the day. Mommy lego waves them off, reminding them to keep their gloves and jackets on. Where do you think they're off to?


The little figs are excitedly talking about which gifts they would like to give to their family members and friends. They are having so much fun, they didn't even notice notice their friend Caleb until they hear his excited voice exclaim "Emma! Evan! You're back in town! Hooray!"


The children are hapy to see their friend, Caleb. He and his family live upstairs in the Bricksmeade Toy Shop. The little figs have always thought how wonderful it must be to live in a toy shop!
"come on in!", Caleb says. "The elves just dropped off a bunch of new toys for the shop today!", he exclaims. 
Emma & Evan can hardly wait!


The shop is warm and hustling and bustling with children looking at all the toys. It always smells of sawdust and paint. Mommy Lego always said, "Bricksmeade has every scent of Christmas! There is never a need for a candle here!", and it's true. 
Ms. Sunny greets the little ones, delighted to see them again. While Emma catches her up on all they've done since last winter, Evan finds his friend, Brite and they begin to explore the many toys inside the shop.


Everyone stops and looks as a loud squeal comes from the corner of the shop. "It's okay!", says Cole, "It's just my sister. She found the giant teddy bear she wants for Christmas."

The children giggle and go back to pushing buttons and pulling levers. Melia doesn't want to leave the bear's side. "Maybe Santa will make you one!", her brother reassures her. 


Evan and Emma take their time looking at every toy as though they were judges in the Snowman contest. "Have you gotten your list?", Emma asks her little brother. 
"Yes, I do!", he says.


They say goodbye to all their friends, and make plans to see them at the Christmas Faire in a few days before heading back out into the snowy village streets on their way home. 

After a warm dinner, the little figs head up to bed and write their letters to Santa before bath time. 
"We'll take them to the post tomorrow!", says Emma.


That night they both sleep well, with dreams of Santa's Toy Shop and the hammering of little elves... 

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