Friday, December 2, 2016

{Lego Advent} December 2

Well, it looks like the family has unpacked and settled into their winter home nicely! 
Little Emma & Evan have built a snowman out front. "The broom is a perfect addition!", Emma tells her brother. They are excited to see all their friends in Bricksmeade again, but it will have to wait. Most of the families here are busy getting ready for the big Christmas Faire that is taking place all month long in the tiny mountain town. The little minifigs are so excited! They are already making plans for what gifts they want to wrap for their friends!
Mommy & Daddy are busy gathering logs from the workshop to take inside for a nice fire. It is always Mommy's favorite part about the Bricksmeade cabin. They don't have a fireplace at their home back in Bricktown, so it's always first on her list!
As the little red door closes, we see Mommy and Evan in the kitchen window! I wonder what they are up to?
It looks like they are getting ready to make dinner! Yummy! What a good little helper!
I hear the crackling of logs!
Well, sure enough, there's Daddy and Emma in the living room, hanging stockings and building up the fire that will keep them warm all winter long. 
Have a wonderful weekend, little Lego Family! We'll see you next week!
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  1. The fireplace scene make me feel warm and cozy on a chilly December evening! Happy Holiday season!
    Love, GramE

  2. Adorable! I hope your sweet family has a wonderful holiday season.


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