Monday, December 19, 2016

{Lego Advent} December 16

Have you been curious about what Brock told the little legos?!
Well, good thing I'm here to let you know!

Brock has been in charge of driving a train this year. But not just any train, a very special train that would take them to a special place!

The little legos were so excited! Brock told them to wait at the small candyland station and wait.
And wait they did.
VERY impatiently.


Mummy & Daddy lego watched with glee as the little lego children discussed where the train would take them. The zoo? The mountain pass? Or even to Lego City?!

Just then, a chug-a-chug-a sound came around the bend!
It was Brock!!
And he was engineering a tiny little train, all decorated in gold and green and red!


As the little figs climbed aboard, they waved goodbye to Mummy & Daddy and headed off...

Where do you think they are going?!?
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