Monday, December 19, 2016

{Lego Advent} December 15

The smell of Alex's turkey and sausage stand draws Mummy & Daddy lego over from their bench by the bandstand. "Hello, Alex!", they exclaim. 
"Hello, there! You came just in time! I have just finished cooking these turkey legs and hot cider!"

The three chat for quite awhile. Meanwhile, the yummy smells have made their way to the carousel and the little figs rush over, tummies grumbling!


Unlike Mummy & Daddy lego, the minifigs head straight to Akiko's sweets stand, where they find Brock, gobbling down some cookies. 


Emma wanders over to Grammie's bakery stand to grab a fresh pretzel while the boys take even more cookies to one of the pub tables close to Mummy & Daddy lego.


Little Evan seems very interested in what Brock has to say, and he calls Emma over to hear. 
I wonder what it could be??
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