Monday, December 19, 2016

{Lego Advent} December 13

It's the week before Christmas! That has everyone in Bricksmeade excited because it's the start of the big Christmas Faire!
Do you hear that? The little bandstand is cooing a soft melody! Let's head over and see what's going on!


Well, the Faire has indeed started! It's the annual "Carol of the Bricks" that signals the start of the Christmas events!
It looks as though Mayor Kurt has made it in from his highrise in Lego City to join in the fun!
Oh no! He's forgotten his gloves! Poor Mayor Kurt! He is not used to the cold weather! And now he is lost in the song!! Poor Michelle is struggling to hear Anitra & Kyle's lead over the Mayor's stumbling singing!
What a funny show! The children are giggling with delight!


Luckily, the band members begin to play a little bit louder so that the carolers can get back on track. Great job, guys!


It has begun! The Christmas Faire is here!! Hooray!!
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