Thursday, December 1, 2016

{Lego Advent} December 1

Welcome back, friends!
December has come 'round again, which means it's time to catch up with our favorite Lego family on their adventures!
December the 1st finds them on the train up the mountain to Bricksmeade. It looks like Engineer Roy has decorated the cars this year! How fun!
Just look at those happy children in the window!

The trip up the mountain is long, but the minifigs have made this trip ever since they were tiny one-bumps. They know the mountain well, and have grown up with the train workers like family. 
Once they make it through the Mountain Pass, Conductor Paul takes them out on the back of the caboose to see the tracks disappear behind them! Be careful, little ones!


It looks like Mommy and Daddy are enjoying some nice hot cocoa in the passenger car. Yum!


Finally, the train has pulled into Bricksmeade Station! 
"Everybody come stand for a photo!" says Mommy. "Even you, Engineer Roy!"
Little Evan wants to hang off the side of the coal tender, so Conductor Paul watches him close. 


"Say 'Bricksmeade!'", Mommy says, as she snaps the button on her camera. 
"That's one for the books!", she says. 

"They always are!", Daddy exclaims, and the others giggle, because it is very true. Mommy Lego does love her camera! 

We'll let the family get settled in and check back with them soon!
Happy December!

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