Monday, August 22, 2016

Back to School 2016

This year's back-to-school day is one for the books. I didn't cry! I might have whimpered and teared up a bit and walked out of that little classroom with my bottom lip-a-shakin', but I didn't cry.
Not Tuh-daaaaaayyy!

(Although now that it's Monday, day two...)

Did you gasp at the photo? That beautiful young woman standing there? I'm not sure exactly what happened! I filled out her athletic form as a 5 foot 4 inch teen, and the nurse comes in all scratchin' it out, lookin' at me over her bifocals and says "Mom! You're in denial, aren't you?!" And I'm all givin' her the look of WTH are you talking about, and then she points her finger to the form where she's written in the "CORRRRRECT" (that's how she said it!) height of 5 foot 5 inches.

Which is my height.

And I opened my mouth to rebut this woman, but she's already pushing us together back-to-back like little kids, and says "Yup! She's gotcha, mom!"

And I'm checking our shoes and we're both wearing the same flip flops. And I'm checking our hairdos because you know, volume! It makes a difference! But it didn't that day.
And so I sat there, all teary-eyed with my hangin open like a fish, trying to think of something to say, while the gruffish nurse tries to backpedal and tell me tales of her own kids' height growth stories, which doesn't matter to me because this is my BABY we're talkin about here!! The one that fit inside my belly (<--- are="" austin="" bottom="" cabinet="" carried="" cups="" damn="" for="" helped="" her="" hip="" i="" kept="" like="" mean="" my="" nbsp="" of="" on="" one="" onto="" p="" powers="" read="" shelf="" still="" swings="" that="" the="" two="" up="" years="">

So there it was.
The end of an era.

My baby girl has outgrown her momma. 
And people keep calling her Heidi.
And Christmas card photos are gonna look all weird and grown up now.

And I feel like I need a walker.

So, yeah, maybe I was a bit overwhelmed and hungover from summer that first day of school on Friday. And maybe not. But I made it through my first year without a tear.

Em and I walked Evan into his 2nd grade classroom. He didn't want to go. he doesn't like school, he says, which breaks my heart. He looked so handsome and proud. A new student was seated next to his desk, and some old friends scattered around the room. His teacher is WONDERFUL and we even got a text that night from her about how awesome he is, which melted a momma's heart like nothing else. 
My little peanut.

Emma started at the jr. high this year, which is alllllll the way across town. On the way there, we talked about what the new year might bring at this new place. I love to hear her thoughts. They're so mature for her age. She must have gotten that from her daddy. ;)
She hopped out at those big front doors and off I went, immediately filling the empty, quiet car with my own voice, giving God all SORTS of thanks and requests. Praying for friendships, praying for teachers, praying for knowledge, praying for safety, praying for the mommas, and praying for the daddies (especially for the one that kept calling this momma all day to make sure she was okay!).

I prayed that God would fill this empty spot in my day with whatever He chose, and he worked fast, because right as I turned the corner, I saw that there was a grand opening for the new thrift shop in town, so i pulled in all fast and crazy like Elle Woods into a nail salon (post-Warren breakup), and filled my cart with books and pokemon cards and hot wheels for the first day of school trinket boxes. 

When it finally arrived - the time school got out - I was READY.
I was so nervous. Did he have a good day? Did he want to go back?? Would he be smiling??

And let me tell you, I had never seen him so happy running my direction.
I had an awesome day! My teacher is so nice! We had guidance! And I played with my friends on recess!
I like school.

(Okay, so maybe I cried a little bit on the first day)

I was so happy for him. SO happy.
This was going to be a great year. 

Emma's day went great as well. She really likes her classes, and they're all pretty close together, so her locker is right by them all. She got to see all her friends again, and has a lot of new people to meet. And the best part?
We drive right past Starbucks on the way home. ;)

Happy Back-to-School, everyone!

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  1. Glad they had a great day. I cried when I saw Bon in the DESK. WHAT!!!!??? No more little tables, but actual desks. She looked so old. It's tough and I dread the Jr. High being so far away. E & E both look so great!

  2. Oh, my! What did you feed those children this Summer? Looking old and proud and awesome. Wishing them a great year!


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