Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Mothers vs. Social Media + My Mother's Day!

Every mother's day, I try to think back on what it must have been like for my mother when I was growing up. Was it easier? Harder? The same, except better clothes and hair back then?

A friend of mine at lunch the other day brought up the whole social media thing. How she feels that every time a certain few someones post something about their kids, it's like they're competing or trying to make themselves look better than everyone else. They proudly take photos of achievements that, to some, wouldn't be called achievements at all. 
I think I sat there with the most confused look on my face, but there were others that agreed. 
And then on my side of the table, I began to think about how I feel about other moms' IG photos, and I seriously didn't get what they were saying. I LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing my friends' kids achieve greatness. I LOVE seeing them creating, doing, learning. I LOVE to see involved parenting and silly faces with duck lips and parents taking pride in their child - no matter how mediocre. I think we post what makes us happy, and of course, not everyone's happy is the same.  How is this a bad thing?? I'm not on facebook, so I asked if maybe this was a facebook thing, and they assured me it was the same on all social medias. Instagram, twitter, tumblr, and so on. 
At that point I was pretty sure they hated me because pretty much all I post is my kids, and I think the other kid-posting moms felt the same way because it felt like a silent sneeches with no stars sitting across from sneeches with stars kinda moment. I post for the grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins and friends scattered all over the world. Happy memories that they get to be a part of, even in other countries or states. We were divided, and that was kinda that. The conversation moved on, but thinking back, I wondered, why don't you unfollow or unfriend people whose photos you don't want to see? If you feel bad about yourself or about a friend, why would you continue to expose yourself to something that makes you feel sad or angry or bad?
I've unfollowed many of my friends just because they post multiple personal views on things that make me feel sad or angry. I'm glad they have their own opinion, but if it makes ME feel bad, I stay away. I unfollow the friends with daily "crap-Im-selling-to-make-you-skinny" spam. I'm not interested in it. Doesn't mean i don't like you. I don't want to feel angry at them when I see them at lunch or at the park. Call me old fashioned, ignorant, or whatever. I just don't want to hear hateful remarks from your mouth, even if it's from behind a screen. So I unfollow, and move on. 
Would you buy a magazine on computer programming when you could read the magazine you're really interested instead? 
Where do you stand on this issue? 
Ida know. Whatever. That's my rant, brought to you today by Mother's Day!


MY mother's day was AWESOME. My kids made homemade cards with the sweetest words penned ever in life. Isn't it funny how a few scribbled words in crayon can mean more to you than all the jewels in the world?
Evan also made me a coupon book. 

 "Try to jump on the trampoline without peeing"
Now THAT. is a mother's day coupon, am i right?
There was stromy weather brewing, but when I'm faced with a "If you could do anything today, what would it be?" kinda day, I choose being outside. Hiking, walking, being with the ones that make this day possible for me.  

The rain held off all day where we were. 
It was perfect.
I am so blessed to be a mother.
So thankful.
I love you two more than life itself. 
I love every second with you, whether it be holding hands along a creek bed or cleaning you up during a bout with the flu. 
I love you when you're sweet, but love you just as much when you're mean or angry or have that attitude I hate so much. 
I love you no matter what, and that will always be true. Through angry faces and arguments and yellings and groundings. 
I love you.

And you can't ever change that. 
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  1. I have a dear friend that doesn't do social media at all, because she feels that her friends posts just make her feel bad and less than. We talk about this a lot. I am like you, I LOVE to see peoples kids and their stuff, whatever it may be. I post that kind of stuff because that's what I like. But, I guess the tough thing about the internet is people can perceive it so many different ways. It's a tough thing, but I just keep posting and doing what makes me happy and hope that if it offends someone, they'll just unfollow. Also, The peeing thing? OMG, so glad to know I'm not the only one! I never jump because of this ;). Happy Mother's Day Heidi!

  2. I love seeing pictures of kids on Facebook. As parents, loving our kids is a given and we all like to share that love.

    Now, I hate the plexus folks on my feed as it is just too much. And I hate the cryptic Facebook posts but bring on all the kid pics, pet pics, new hairdo, vacations etc.


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