Monday, April 18, 2016

A long, long time ago...(as in, February...)

...A little boy played basketball. 

 ...and he was awesome at it. :)
That little boy and his family then drove far away to watch a civil war reenactment that we used to go to before we had kids - or were even married, for that matter!
 (and the little boy shot them all with his crossbow)

 This was also the day that Emma turned into a teenager.
(And her daddy worked on that cake for a looooong time)

 Do you want some advice on raising teenagers? 
I don't have any for you.
We are blessed thus far, to have a very well-behaved, respectful teenager. She is so mature and smart, and loyal to a fault. She's honest and giving (SO giving!), and responsible...most of the time...when you don't count cleaning the bathroom. :)
We are absolutely blessed beyond measure with this one. 

For the past few years, we've always headed down to Ft. Worth, Texas around her birthday for the Cowtown marathon. This was our last year to run it. (We "retire" races once we've run every event). 
This year's events for hubby included the 10k and the ultra marathon.  

 The kids and I ran the childrens' 5k this time, and Evan made it clear that he wanted to go it alone, so I (happily) stayed behind, just in case I needed to sweep him up along the way. 

 Of course, I didn't have to. That kid ran it faster than his last record. 
 And faster than his sister!

I'm glad this was the last year, though. We had never run the kids race here, so we expected it to be like all the other kids races we had done, where the kids were caught at the end, and kept until a grown-up of some sort came to get them.  
Not Cowtown.
There were several "ending points" at the finish, some of which led straight out to the roads or parking lots. 
We couldn't find Evan ANYWHERE, and of course he didn't have his phone on him because who needs to track a kid in a kids race?? Uhh, apparently Cowtown parents. 
To make a long story short, we got to tour the mobile police unit, the entire expo center behind every door, and walked over 26.2 miles in a teary mess. (Okay, that was just me, but whatever).
HE ended up finding John & Emma over by the medals. He was brave, and strong, and only broke down once he got to his panicked momma.
I love this race, but I'm glad we've finished it.
Anyone live near a really cool marathon?! We're in the process of choosing the next destination race :)

The spring gardens have been planted with their cold crops. We started by seed this year, which was really fun, and bought a couple "just in case" plants to put in as well.
Evan's little bed looks so cute with all the baby plants.

 It's funny, I didn't realize that they had grown so much in just a month, but looking at these photos, they look so small!
February also brought a couple nice, warm days, which is always a good thing.
There was an afternoon that we spent hanging in the trees with our hammocks for hours.
(That clump there is Emma.)

We also took a family bike ride alllllll the way to Braums, and then promptly negated any burnt calories with fries, burgers, and shakes.
(worth it)
In early March, we ran the Lucky 5k, which is a cancer research -supporting race, which is our priority. This one is unique in that, on the last mile of the race, called "miracle mile", there are posters of loved ones, lovingly made in honor of, or in memory of, by their friends and families. We added two more this year. 
Losing my friend, Amber was very recent, and I still struggled with it painfully during this race.
To watch my dear friend go from happy and full of life to whispering my love for her in that bed, knowing I wouldn't see her again in this life, was crushing.
She, of EVERY person I know, was the most faith filled, God-loving woman alive. She brought so much to my life, and I miss her so much every time I sit in our booth at Schlotzskys, where we'd go after a treatment began or the table in the Chinese restaurant we'd spend our lunch at, giggling about life so much that we'd both have to pack up a full container to take home.
You don't find people like that every lifetime.
I was blessed to have her.
We all were.

I had a birthday!!
My birthday selfie, 38 years after my first photo was taken :)
One of our favorite parades is the St. patrick's Day parade in OKC. There's something about a parade that isn't attached to a big holiday. There's no deeper meaning to it, no snow or mittens, and it's SPRING, so.

The annual photo of the Colcord building that I'm so obsessed with.
I mean, they just don't make details like that anymore!

Another thing that makes the St. Patrick's day parade win:
Dogs in KILTS, you guys!

And then we saw this float and I saw John giving me the side eye. You know, the one that's thinking "Is my wife going to run out and grab a random pug from the float and take off" kinda side eye. 
And let me tell you, he was right to be concerned. 
I mean, seriously?!

 I mean, seriously?? Can I have this?!?

And, men in kilts.
Not as good as dogs in kilts, but hey. 
And I'll sign out with a few more random "It's SPRIIIIIING" candids from the yard and such. 

This gives me all the feels for summer break!
Can't wait!!

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