Sunday, March 20, 2016

The PhotoWalk

It usually works out that at least one day over spring break is perfect weather for being outside in the world that God made for us. This year was no exception. 
Em has really gotten into her photography now. She can usually be found with a book in one hand and a camera in the other, snapping away at the birds and flowers and sunshiney shadows. She's got the eye, that's for sure, and Evan isn't far behind.

SO, I planned a very special photowalk this week. They didn't know where we were going, they only knew it was out of town, and somewhere we had never been before.
Which was pretty much all I knew about it, too, aside from a nice "come over anytime!" from the owner and the pretty instagrams he posts.

We arrived early in the day, before it warmed up too much, drove around, and found the walking trail entrance. There were 3 trails. My kids unanimously voted for the "long" trail, which wasn't actually "long" at 2 miles, but it was a perfect distance for little legs!

 The trails were AMAZING. Like, moss covered trails, all shady and quiet. Birds singing, mushrooms growing, and angels singing their hallelujah chorus. We all immediately gasped as we got into the woods, and exclaimed how much we wished daddy were here. He would love to run the trail. For sure. 
 The kiddos had each brought their own Lego Minifig to photograph - it helps with focal points and framing, and other such hidden agendas, but really, most of the time they took absolutely breathtaking pictures without them. They were so excited at all the forest life around them that they just snapped the day away, running to and fro, calling out for each other to "look!" "Oh my gosh!" "This is soooo pretty!" "come here QUICK!". 

And this spot just made me think about...
I remember when the littlest Castro was just toddling around, we would all go on photowalks and I was always SO amazed at the pictures that I would download off baby Evan's camera. The world from 2 feet tall. The things that a toddler views as interesting or unique. A bug we pass by without thinking, a crack that somehow looks like a bird. A wet leaf in the gutter. Mom's crocs. It's a whole different world. A whole different beauty.
I think about that a lot, years later, and wonder what kinds of things would God take photos of on a photowalk? Would it be the same as us? Or would see the beauty in things that we don't?

I pulled a collection of pictures off of the kids' cameras when we got home, and I was beaming with pride, as mommas usually do.
I love the way they see the world. Their colors may be off, sometimes even the focus is wonky. But they see life in a way that makes me proud.
Especially one this magical.

----- Emma's Photos -----

..... Evan's Photos .....

The single most important component of a camera is the twelve inches behind it"
-Ansel Adams

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  1. You have definitely raised some talented photogs! Those are beautiful pictures. Thank you for sharing with the world.

  2. Your blog is always so amazing! Looks like an amazing place... Loved the photos!


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