Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The Castros Cruise Cali {Legoland!}

The last time we visited the Lego mecca, Evan was just tiny. So when we decided that we were heading back to socal, Legoland was a given. And also, I was uber excited that the Star Wars miniland was complete and ready for my viewing. So.

That morning, we woke up reeeeaaaaly early in excitement. Luckily, the breakfast bar was open, so we headed down for a monsterous meal. 
 As soon as he could, he grabbed the girls and we headed off.
 The excitement was almost too much. Emma had packed us a giant bag of tradeable minifigs to take along with us for trading with the workers. We're big Disney pin traders, so the minifig trading was HIGH on our excitement list. Fo sho. 
 The first ride we went on was the boat ride around the world. 
Hello, giant Buckbeaks!!

The new 4D Lego movie had opened the week before, so we were anxious to watch! We got in line early, so the wait was short, and the movie was amazing, with all its water and fog and unikitties...
Evan's priority for this trip was to get his driver's license. He was too small last time we visited. 

And to think, she's gonna have her *real* one soon...

And then we ventured into the Star Wars miniland. Get comfy, people. 

(See them in the corner?!)
And my favorite...

In true Heidi fashion, my braid smacked me in the face during my one and only pic of this amazing Lego rainbow. The one thing in thee park that was obviously made for me and only me. I mean, really. 

This lion.
For some reason, we didn't get the kids' pictures in it the last time we went.
BUT, I did find the first time we took Emma, back when she had just turned 2.
2005 + 2016
Emma & Emma

Have you ever ridden the "Crazy Mouse" at Great America? It's basically a kiddie coaster that scares the $^^%# out of you because you ALWAYS feel like your car is literally going OFF the track.
And this ride was it's evil lego twin. 

This water ride had the longest wait time, but once the kids and hubby got on, Sheri & I had fun trying to push the water bomb buttons just in time to splash them. 


On our way out, we wandered through miniland, which hasn't changed much at all. Still cute, still amazing, and it was even more fun when we would spot a mini person who had lost a head or torso over the years. Because, you know.

Are you ready for this cuteness?
Heart-eyed emojis for dayyyyysssss.
How did this happen?!?!

Of course the #LegoCastros had to take their photo before we left. 
And on the way out, we stopped to look out over the flower fields to the ocean. Such a pretty sight. 
The kids' minifigs were all having photo shoots against the rainbow sky. It was adorable.
Our hotel was the one connected to that windmill in the distance. 

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