Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The Castros Cruise Cali {L.A. Marathon 2016}

There's something crazy cool about running in states like California where the running is easy. You don't have 100 degree heat with 35 degree humidity added. You don't have to run on icy roads and snow up to your knees. You have perfect weather every day with the chance of, at worst, rain. Which, unlike Oklahoma rain, isn't hitting you at 60mph in the face. 
So, even though it was going to be "hot" that day (in the 70s?!), it was going to be really nice for us spectators!
The race began at Dodger Stadium. 
(Let's all just take a moment to admire Evan's UBER EXPENSIVE hoodie that we ended up buying on the pier last night since a big wave snuck up on him and soaked him to the core with ice cold ocean.)

  Our team was partially sponsored by @KissesComeInTwos (check out her store on instagram), who made our Valentine Team Castro Racing shirts for the event. 
 We stayed to cheer Captain Awesome on as he took off!

 Sidenote: My favorite part of our shirts was the little Oklahoma on the back :)

The kids and my favorite parts of races.....
 How big is the race we're running? 
Look at the number of porta potty lines to find out. 

We caught up with hubby once more at Echo Park, where Evan raced him around the lake. 

And then my poor mom was left to shuttle us around the city with closed roads and detours to try to see him again. 

This was SUCH a cool race. He ran by SO many great landmarks on the way to the finish. The Chinese theatre, Japantown, The walk of fame, through beverly hills on Rodeo Drive. How awesome is THAT?!

 He finished at the beach, where we were waiting on his arrival. 
 ...and guess who suprised us and flew down?!?

Evan's Travel Journal Entries: 

We are going to eat at Mariasol. (The restaurant at the end of pier. It's kinda tradition when we visit my mom!) 

My new police truck.
(He bought from a pier vendor)

Niecey is coming to Legoland with us. Not today.
(We were heading there tomorrow)

We went to 85 degrees (a little cafe), and I got a mango slush. Happy Valentine's Day!

We are in a hotel. Emma is in a separate room than us :,(
Very far away.
They are on the other side.
(Emma slept in Niecey's room)
Hubby tied his personal record for a marathon, which was AWESOME.
We were so proud!

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