Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The Castros Cruise Cali {2016 Olympic marathon Trials + Other such fun}

It's funny to think that back when we lived in sunny California, we flew more times than we'd ever like to. Our pug was nestled snuggly in the cabin with us, and baby Emma all buckled up in those airplane seats that looked 10 times bigger than they do now. But since we've made our pilgrimage to Oklahoma, we've flown just a handful of times, and they were for work, which meant little Evan has been grounded since the day he was born. We like it that way, actually. A good road trip is a little bit ingrained in our little familys' bloodline. We enjoy the slow, fun trip on 4 wheels over a fast flight anyday. But, this trip was going to different. Our original plan was to drive, stopping to see family along the route to the coast we've traveled so many times, but in the end, the time would be pressed, and the weather unpredictable, and so the Castros took flight once again, this time, with Evan in tow. 
He was nervous, but excited about his first time to fly. We had driven down to Dallas to fly out, giving us a tiny roadtrip (and saved about $400 on tickets). 

 Our flight was an early one, so we had breakfast inside the terminal. 

 (Do we REALLY ever go anywhere without Legos? I mean...)

 The Lego minifigs ziplined on that charger cord for a good 30 minutes before our plane landed. The pilot greeted Evan and invited him to the cockpit to look around at all the controls. 
He took a quick glance, mumbled something about it not being like the Milennium Falcon, and rushed to find his seat, which was apparently the most important task at hand. 
 The takeoff and landing videos are being uploaded to our youtube account as you read! And trust me, they are adorable. I mean, seriously, how can you not love a child's first time to experience something so magical?? FLIGHT, people! 

My Uncle Roy picked us up when we landed and drove us to the LA Marathon expo to pick up packets and the usual race swag. (We took an extra suitcase just for all the "extras" that would no doubt accompany us home.)

Zoolander 2!!
Cannot WAIT.

 John is a HUGE Sketchers fan, so the fact that they were the main sponsor of this race was awesome. Team Castro is usually entirely outfitted with their running shoes for racing, but John is ALWAYS racing in them. 

Afterwards, Uncle R took us to the most AMAZING store. 
 If you're a Potter fan, or Dr. Who or Game of Thrones, you'd go completely fangirl at this store, fo sho. 
Front window display, in a terrible photo
All over the walls were memorabilia from the Wizarding world. A letter from Lily Potter, the Maurader's Map, Dumbledore's Army list, spell books, photos, and more. It was AMAZING.  

 And guess what? You can have your birthday party in the GREAT HALL.
 Go there now. You'll never want to leave. 
 Unfortunately, we had to head back into the land of the muggles because we were meeting up with my Uncle Paul for dinner. 
shoes from the powerlines. 
 It was about now that the time change really kicked our butts. Dinner at 7 meant Evan falling asleep on the fancy Italian restaurant table like a rag doll. We had just enough time to eat and head back up the mountain to Uncle's place. 
We stayed in his guest house, which had the *best* view of the valley the next morning.
I mean, seriously, these pictures are untouched. 
Absolutely breathtaking.
 Isn't God an amazing creator?

The roof is the main house, and we're standing at the top of his property!

 He just finished building a little gazebo for the finches. It had been cold that night, so they had a heat lamp and plastic cover. It was ADORABLE. I want finches!!!
He also has some other birds, a fat cat, and a turtle. I was kinda beginning to realize why my dad always says *shakes his head* "Just like your uncle Paul!". 
 We headed down the mountain back to LA for the start of the Olympic Marathon Trials. 
I loved this.
The good times are rolling in Topanga!

 We found parking and a starbucks and had breakfast before scoping out the best place to watch the trials. 

 We decided on setting up camp right as they turn a loop, so we could see them twice on one lap. 
And, there was this adorable Felix place...

 These people from Minnesota were passing by and I begged them for a photo. 
I mean, if you're on Team Heidi, you're gonna get in my photo. Hands down.
 They were actually there to cheer on their niece, Heidi Greenwood. 
We collected them and a father/daughter set for our camp. It was so much fun!
They all had chairs and we claimed the bus stop bench. 
Camp Castro
That bench, though. We enjoyed it more than we probably should have. 

 We had taken bets on what time the first male runner would cross the 10k line. I can't remember who won, but it was crazy fast. 

The women's leads, and they both ended up qualifying. Running partners and best friends. Wouldn't that be the most fun EVER?!? 
 Our favorite, Meb, sporting his UCLA colors. 
 ...and Emma & my favorite women's runner, Des. 

 Meanwhile, back at home...Castro photobombing game going strong!

 Since it was Valentine's weekend, there were street vendors all over the place selling flowers and gifts. i really just wanted all their rainbow umbrellas, but whatever.

We knew the pier was going to be extra busy after the marathon the next day, so we stopped by in hopes of finding a little less chaotic exPIERience. See what I did there? See? See?

It was still busy. But it was a Saturday in California, so.

The ocean was really cold and it was windy. The kiddos had the *best* time chasing the waves as they came in. 

And this guy loved chasing our sandwiches...

I love this man. And the talent of finishing the butts of everyone's subway sandwiches. 

And a pressed penny for the collection. :)

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