Wednesday, January 27, 2016

2016 Valentines are here!! (yes, already.)

Valentine's Day isn't the first "official" holiday of the year, especially for those of us that celebrate things like National Spaghetti Day (1/4), Houseplant Appreciation Day (1/10),yesterday's National Spouse Day, and every darn holiday in between. We celebrate life up in this hizouse, and if it means having to go out and pick up the shredded remains of the cute "Squirrel Appreciation Day" lunch sacks Evan packed for Pearl & Earl before he gets home from school , so be it!  
But Valentine's Day if the first real dress-your-house-UP holiday of the new year, and it always acts as kind of a jumping off point for the year. The trees are put away, the stockings no longer hung, and John Denver has stopped his holiday cooing nonstop on the ipod. Home is a little naked. Until Valentine's Day!
We've been all up in hearts and pinks and reds since January 1st, actually. 
Can't help it. 
Holidays are my crack. I remember picking out the *best* card in the box for the cute boy I liked that didn't know I existed, the biggest one for my best friend, and cutting out the big teacher one on the back of the package. remember that, guys?!?
Anyway, so when the stores started pulling out their valentine cards, it gave me the green light to go forth and hunt!
When I found these adorable cards, I knew they were the ones.
Evan is all about sharks this year (remember Shark Week?!?), and they actually had several shark themed cards! We ended up choosing this one, because a fin can be on a shark, or a whale, or a dolphin, or - my personal favorite - a narwhal! 
 I love the scalloped edges (you can opt to have regular straight ones), and the options for the back are REALLLLLY hard to choose from. I liked putting his photo on the back, but I also don't like the thought of his photo being thrown away by 24 classmates. (sad face mom emoji). Luckily, I didn't have to decide, because Evan's favorite game is tic-tac-toe. 

We ordered a couple packs of sharks & whales off amazon, and got right to it!
We put a shark in a treat bag and tied it shut. Then, we punched a hole in the envelope and tied that shark to the Valentine, because, don't you think first graders get enough candy already?!?

Luckily, there is ONE extra toy, and I'm crossing my fingers he decides to lovingly present that narwhal to his momma... (Unicorn of the SEA, PEOPLE!!!)

Now, Emma was a different story. Since she's in middle school, she doesn't get the big ol' sugar-filled class party anymore. :( She wanted something that would be cute and candy-friendly, so when we saw this one, it was pretty obvious. 

Can you guess what candies she grabbed to go with them??

Since she didn't need a massive amount of cards, we grabbed a dozen little drawstring favor bags for the X's and O's. (Hooray for not having to tie all those bows!!) In fact, if I had thought about it, I probably would have just grabbed them in blue for the sharks, too...

Any other ideas for non-sugar Valentine treats?!?

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