Friday, January 8, 2016

2015 & 1/2

I could write a lovely post about our Christmas and show you adorable photos of the einsteins unwrapping bright packages and smiles from ear to ear and egg nog in santa mugs and baby jesus breakfast and the aftermath of paper confetti on the floor, but I can't really.
Hubby got me a new phone for Christmas this year. He knows I'd be fine with mine for as long as it lived, but he also knows every spec and feature on every phone and model, and knew I'd love the Haoory Potter-esqe photos and quality of an upgrade. Plus, PINK. I mean, really. 
SO, I took a kazillion pictures of Christmas! But, when I uploaded them to my computer, I realized that those Harry potter pictures are VIDEOS! Which, if I woulda thought about, made sense, but at the time I pictured little Harry looking into the frame at the photo of his mom and dad dancing in the fall leaves as if they were still alive, and it burned into my head that they were PICTURES, dammit! 
So all those adorable little videos will have to just suffice for the Christmas of 2015. The Christmas of magic pictures. 
Or videos.
But i got this photo! A Dobby eye.
Happy Christmas.

On the eve of the new year, we celebrated noon years with some friends at the pool. 
Evan, like his cold-blooded momma, stayed in the hot tub the whole time, because, well. If it's not over 107, it might as well be ice water. 

Emmie, however, has never missed the chance to embrace the fun, and hopped in. 

And somehow convinced a little boy to do some amazing not-so-synchronized swimming.
Only Emma.

That evening FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER, we left our house for NYE. Now don't get me wrong, I very much prefer the comfort of pjs and bubbly grape juice in fancy plastic flutes and cute kids in footies and a sleeping Grandad on the couch and uncles grudgingly wearing party hats for their niece and nephew (and sister's) entertainment. BUT, we were running early int he morning, and since both uncles are living in the city now, we decided to move the party on up to them. 

First stop: Dinner with Uncle K at Tokyo Japanese Restaurant.
 Evan got a kids cup with the cutest octopus on it.
We went ahead and called it. That was the New Years ball dropping, and octopus was going for a ride. Because, there always has to be some adorable story to go with every adorable octopus straw.

When his meal came, an umbrella was added. 

I'm half Japanese. Did you know? I bet not. Most Asians think I'm "just plain white" (?!?!), and most people here in Oklahoma think I'm Native American. What was your guess?
I may not have gotten a whole lot of the Japanese traits, but one that I DID get, was that I *LOVE* cute little ... things. Octopuses on straws! food shaped erasers! stickers with googly eyes! squinkies! small colored ziplocks! animal shaped eggs! Hotwheels with faces! Heart rocks! RAINBOWS! Cute zipper pouches! Emojis for dayyyyyzzzzz!

So, bento box dinners with whipped cream and a little cherry... 
(Heart eyed emojis x200)

When we got to Uncle K's place, we lugged our 2000 pounds of crap upstairs, unpacked, inflated airbeds, ticked off the guy downstairs, and settled in.
The einsteins LOVE watching the uncles play final fantasy online. I mean, LOVE it. They look forward to it above all else, which is good because Uncle K doesn't have cable or whatever. One of those homes where netflix is TV, you know, the majority of homes now (and remember how I said I run from the newest craze...we still have cable...).

So anyway, the einsteins are all nestled up to their uncle on the bench and they're watching him run around the world with the other uncles, who are in their cable-free homes, just like my siblings and I used to do back when Uncle K was just big brother K and we would gather round the massively fat TV and watch him get to the castle over and over again with that stupid toad saying the princess was in yet ANOTHER castle (Whyyyyyyyyyy?!?!). 
And the hubby and I laid down to relax until it was time to make the pilgrimage to the ball drop downtown. 

And now, I'll let Evan tell you the rest. 

"I went to my uncle's apartment. The only new years channel was Mexican (a spanish speaking channel on the internet) so we had to watch that. We had to shout very loud when there was 3 seconds left. I had to shout loud because my parents were asleep. We pretty much missed New Years (the downtown ball drop).

Daddy is snorning (haaaaa shhhhhh), the computer is in Spanish, and he didn't have time to draw himself or Emma, but that's about the just of it. 
We're old, people.
We zonked out in semi sleep and ruined New Years Eve, although later they said they were happy because they'd rather watch Uncle K kill trolls anyway. 
SO, yeah.
We groggily sang the New York, New York song with the gremlins, streamed on the internet, and pried the kiddos off the bench and put them to bed for a few hours of  restless sleep, due to sagging air matresses and just not being at home.

Those few hours went by pretty quick and ended with one of the many earthquakes that have been twerking all over the great state of Oklahoma, so we sleepily got up for the first race of the year. 

No makeup, sunglasses, ponytail, no sleep...feltl like a Friday morning in college...

The freezing race went pretty quick, but we were exhausted. 
They served black eyes peas afterwards that were actually really good! Not sure if it was because we were starving and cold, or if it was actually yummy, but either way, we went back for more and celebrated our slower finish times, yet the kids still placed 1st (Evan) and second (Em) in their age divisions. 

That day we went to bed at like 6pm and rejoined the living the following day, grabbing the first geocache of 2016 :)

Happy 2016, everyone!
(Making it rain invisible blessing tickets over you all)

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