Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The Second Sunday of Advent

'Tis the season for fun Christmas parties!!
Especially PAJAMA Christmas parties, because, there is NOTHING like getting in your pajamas at 4:30 in the day and STILL be socially acceptable outside of Wal-Mart and home, I mean really. 
Bag THAT up and load it in the sleigh, jolly fat elf!

On a random note, these dear little deer were what I was looking for about a million years ago when we made those tree-globes, but couldn't ever find the *right* ones. And then, yesterday, on my thrift store rainbow mug hunt, there they were, in tiny bags all waiting in the bottom of a basket full of cast-offs from the island of misfit toys, just for me. 
And I was so excited that I actually "Yessss!"-d outloud like Napoleon Dynamite, causing a feeding frenzy of thrifters to rush over to see what treasure I had found.
This is what happens on the first opening day of the week. The mostly-little-old-ladies come out and wait by the door until they open and they go a-running like black friday, errrday. Those ladies know what's good, and you just THINK they're all cute and tiny and slow and feeble, but put a nice cashmere scarf with snowflakes on it out there, and I tell you, those black nursemaid shoes leave rubber streaks behind them! Thank goodness I'm only there for the rainbows. And they know that now, and I no longer get the side eye and "accidently" tripped by canes and walkers as I make my way back to the mugs. I've been let live like the tiny birds that eat bugs off the crocodile's teeth and don't get eaten. We thrift in harmony. 
Anyway, the deer!
And, my newest mug in the collection.

Happy 2nd week of Advent, and HAPPY HANUKKAH to all of you who celebrate the Festival of Lights!!

Our Verses + Songs for Week #2:
Luke 2:8-12 The First Noel
Luke 2:13-20 Hark! The Herald Angels Sing & Oh Come Let Us Adore Him

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