Monday, December 28, 2015

The Pre-Christmas Events!

Well first of all, this.
 Someone stole one of these big balls from the street, and it wasn't me, but I kinda want one. Who needs a playground in your backyard if you've got a big ornament to climb on for hours? I mean, seriously. 

Team Castro Racing ran its' last race for 2015! Wahoo! We wanted to do a Christmas themed race, and since none of us had ever run an 8k race, we'd all automatically get a PR! (Personal Record). And who doesn't want to the end the year with that? ;)
It was hubby's idea to all wear our pjs. He's not one of those typical dads that's all "No way am I wearing family jammies! Not in the house and not out! Not in a box or with a fox!", which is cool, because that's obviously one of the reasons I snatched him up off the dating scene. Man who will don matching jammies? CHECK. 

 And also, doesn't that photo totally give you our personalities in a single shot?
Seriously. Selfie QUEEN!!!

So, we run this race in the blistering wind. Like, OKLAHOMA wind, which is like basically looking up into one of those Dyson hand dryers in the airport restrooms and trying to keep your lips shut and eyes open. 
Yeah right.
So, not only that, but the wind was FUH-REEEEEEZING because we were running alongside Lake Hefner. It was kinda cool to see the crazy windsurfers trying to stay somewhat close to the earth, but they inevitably failed and either went home or flew off to Oz by the time we made the turnaround at the half point. 
Hubby left us all, and the kids attempted to keep up at the start. I always kinda meander the start of races, because I'm Evan's safety net. Once he falls back behind daddy & sister, I sweep him up and keep him from falling too far behind. I've learned to be more patient, more encouraging, and if I can cheerlead that kid through icy tornadic winds, I can cheer him through ANYthing, right??
By the end of the race, daddy had come back to run Emma in, whom Ev and I caught a quick glimpse of at every corner before she disappeared again. And at the very start of the finishing chute, Evan always puts on his turbo, and I always tell him the same thing. "There it is, baby! Run fast! Empty the tank! (from the wise words of Uncle K), and finish so I can watch you!
And he always says the same reply. "Okay, Momma! I love you! I'll see you at the end!"
And off he goes, with that extra boost, and I get to slow down and watch my littlest baby cross the finish line into the arms of his daddy and sister, and I always think, 
This is the way to race.
Not for times or medals or PR's.
To watch the ones I love feel proud, accomplished, and together.

And one day, when I am very old, and ready to go home, I will hear my littlest little tell me "There it is, mom! Run fast! Empty the tank! (from the wise words of Uncle K), and finish so I can watch you!"
And I'll say to my littlest little,
"Okay, Baby! I love you! I'll see you at the end!"
And I will.

Wow, that was rather sad.

Okay, so ANNNNYWAY, we get to the end and look up our times on the computers and find out that three of us won age group awards!
 Emmie won second in her age group. 
 Evan won FIRST! (Because, seriously, what other 0-8 year old is gonna run 8k?!)
 And hubby won 3rd!!
 We also won 2nd in the costume contest, just behind "Cleavage Santa", and lemmie tell you, she certainly was. And to run that whole race in just a low cut santa coat and shoes - I bow down, and relinquish 1st place, cuz ain't nobody got time fo that! 
So they got double medals and I got a furry, soft Victoria's Secret blanket. 

Also, I ran in my awesome Ugly Sweater Rosches. They're weren't made for running, obvious after a few feet in, but looking adorable > keeping your toes, right? RIGHT?
(hangs head)

So then, since we were in the city anyway, we headed over to the ballpark to do some snow tubing!

Yeaaahhhhh, so maybe going to the snow tubes after running 8k wasn't the best idea I ever had, since we were constantly having to lug a HEAVY-@$$ snow tube up a kazillion stairs. 
Okay, well, hubby lugged mine, but still....
So we made it through about half of our allotted time, and headed out to see the rest of downtown. 

It was gorgeous with all the lights and horse-drawn carriages, and fireworks and not much wind...

And then Christmas Eve came and we sang Silent Night by candlelight, and remembered why we were celebrating the day.

...and Dobby stayed home with his cigar.


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