Monday, December 28, 2015

{The Lego Castros} Week 4


Little Evan lego is at one of bricksmeade's toy shoppes. They always have the *best* toys that no one else sells, so he's sure he will find the red and green racecar set he's been looking for!

Inside, Courtney tells him the bad news. "I'm so sorry, Evan. I don't have a racecar set like that here. I've got a sailboat! It really floats!"
"No thanks", Evan replies, hanging his little head.
"Well, perhaps Santa can help! Did you write your letter?", Courtney asks, trying to cheer him up. 
"The avalanche made all the mail stop. We couldn't get our letters out!", he tells her. 
"I'm sure he will know, somehow.", she says with a smile. "Here. Take these tokens to the carnival, and your family can have one free spin on the carousel!"
"Thank you, Ms. Courtney!", Evan says and walks out into the snow.

But once again, outside in the snowy road, he finds another letter addressed to Santa! He rushes home to tell Emma about the toy shoppe and the tokens, and the letter. 


The Lego Castros head to the Christmas Carnival, the minifigs favorite part of Bricksmeade. 
What a fun ride! (And not nearly as fast as the spinny-spin back home!)

As they smell all the yummy food from the food vendors nearby, their little tummies begin to grumble. They each get to choose which yummies they'd like to have for lunch. There are several little food stands and one photo booth with a Christmas door and a tin soldier by it. 
"Do you have any hot cocoa?", Mommy lego asks them all. Silly Mommy!

As daddy and mommy lego buy the food, Emma & Evan lego find yet ANOTHER letter in the snow!

As the minifigs discuss all the letters and where they could possibly have come from, a soft "pst! pst!", interrupts them. 
It was coming from the photo booth! 

"Why, he's not a statue!", says Emma lego. "He's a real toy soldier!"
"That I am! And I heard you talking about the letters you've found! Would you help me deliver them to the right place, if I point you in the right direction?", he asks.
"Well, yes, but they're to SANTA! We'd have to find the north pole to deliver them!", Emma says with a giggle. 
But the toy soldier just smiles and winks. 

He steps aside, and the background painting of the photobooth becomes a real door, that opens slowly wide.
And the minifigs walk carefully inside, where they gasp!


They were standing in what seemed to be another world! It smelled of candy and cookies and there were trains full of goodies and twinkling lights and short little elves everywhere.
There was Christmas songs being sung coming from everywhere and reindeer and toys and it was so amazing that little Evan lego didn't even notice the elf that had come up to stand right in front of them.

 "Welcome to the North Pole!" says the short little elf. "Have you come to help load the sleigh?"
"Umm, I...We...We have letters!...for Santa?", Emma stammers, too shocked to think straight.
"Letters?! Hurry, come with me!", he says, and leads them to a house that smelled of gingerbread and peppermint.
"Mrs. Claus! Mrs Claus!", the elf shouts excitedly, "They've gotten the letters!!"
"Oh my goodness!You've saved Christmas!", she says, and hugs the two minifigs. She goes on to explain how the avalanche had blown a bag of letters all the way down the mountain. The elves were hard at work trying to find them all, but a few were hiding too well! Santa had been so worried about them! He keeps all the letters in each child's file, and he was so sad to miss even a few!

The elves quickly built toys for the children whose letters were found by the minifigs, and were asked to help load the sleigh. 
The minifgs loved helping, but Mrs. Claus noticed a bit of a sad look on little Evan's face as he watched all the toys go by on the toy machine. 
"What's wrong, Evan? I can see that you are a little low on the Christmas cheer."

He tells her that of all the toys on the sleigh, he hasn't seen a green and red remote control car set, which means Santa may not even know he has been good this year! Or that he's in Bricksmeade for Christmas! No letters had been mailed, no Santa had been visited. 
"Oh, heavens! I can fix that!", and send the minifigs to a bright red building.
"It's SANTA!!!", they exclaim together. The minifig kids sit down and tell Santa all about their adventures at the shore and at the city when they missed seeing him. They tell him about the avalanche and the mountain pass and finding all those letters but never having a chance to mail their own. 
"Well, thank you for saving Christmas, you have been very good this year!", he says with a jolly "Ho! Ho! Ho!' 
"Remember, I always know if you've been bad or good. I know what toys you like, and I always keep a special lookout on my little Lego Castros, who spread Christmas cheer more than any other minifigs I know!"
"Now head on back to your parents, and I will see you tomorrow!" he says with a jolly smile. 

And they did just that, with happy feelings and jolly thoughts for all they had done. 


The next morning was Christmas, and the minifigs woke their parents up before the sun was even awake! They are so excited!
As the fire roars, they find their packages from Santa Lego tucked under their tree with tags of gold and ribbon that smells of candy and peppermint. 
Emma lego opens hers to find exactly what she had been wishing for - a tiny bunny. 
Mommy lego reads the golden tag as Emma hugs and squeezes the soft little kit. 

Dear Emma,
Thank you for helping deliver my letters this year. You have been so good! I am giving you this bunny, but she is not just any bunny. She is from the North Pole, and she is white to remind you of your visit here, and the soft white snow. 
I'll be seeing you again next year!

Mommy and Emma lego didn't even see Daddy and Evan lego put on their boots and head outside!
But they see Evan's note from Santa laying among the pile of gift wrap and bows. 

Dear Evan,
Merry Christmas! I am so thankful for your help this year. 
Please remember to have faith. That there is always someone watching out for you, even when you feel like you're alone. Your innermost wishes are always heard, even without seeing me or writing me letters. 
I hope you enjoy this package. I think you'll find it to be just what you imagined. 


Merry Christmas, everyone!

Love, The Lego Castros, The real Castros, and the birthday boy! ;)
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