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{The Lego Castros} Week 3

As the LegoCastro family climb up, up, up Mount Bricksmeade on the Emerald Express Train, they spend their time napping, reading, and dreaming about what fun they will encounter once they make it Papa & Nana's cabin, and if they will, in fact, be stuck there due to the avalanche. 
The lego kids are discussing the snow, and the mail being undeliverable, and the possibility of no Christmas in Bricksmeade, when Lego Emma shouts excitedly "LOOK! It's the ranger's station!! We're almost there!!", and sure enough, as the littleminifigs pressed their tiny faces up against the cold train windows, they could see the empty ranger station, occupied only in the summers when brave legos climb the summit. 
Just a few more chugga-chuggas and a new sight comes into view - Papa & Nana! They could hear Engineer Paul blowing the whistle down the track and have come out to greet their family!
The tree farm is the last stop for the Emerald Express, and as it pulls off back down the mountain, the little family climbs UP - just a few more feet to the cabin in the trees. 
The children are so anxious to know if they will be able to do the Christmas Tree Tumble this year, with the avalanche blocking the mountain pass and all. 
"Why, yes!", says papa, scratching his beard. "The avalanche didn't cause too much trouble down here, but it blocked the mountain pass all right! Luckily, J.S is up at the top of the pass, clearing the way as much as he can with the snowplow!"
"Hooray!!!", shout the two happy little figs. 

Right away, Papa and Daddy lego began cutting the mature trees down. "They have to perfect! Only the *best* trees make it to the Bricksmeade tree farm!", reminds NanaLego. 
Once they have a big pile of trees piled up, the fun begins!
Daddy & PapaLego wait down at the bottom of the ravine for the Christmas Tree Tumble to begin!
"PUSH!" says nana lego, and the little figs start the Tumble with two small trees, and the traditional Christmas Tree Tumble song:
Look out below!
The day is here!
To tumble trees for far and near!
They'll soon be lit,
They'll soon glow bright,
For the people of Bricksmeade,
On Christmas Eve night!
When the small trees are down, Nana & MommyLego help tumble the bigger trees down.
Nana always cooks the traditional "Roast Beast" legs for the fun event. The minifigs love to be outside by the warm fire. 
Mommy & DaddyLego finish tying up the trees to the old truck. 
"I really hope J.S. gets the mountain pass cleared!" says MommyLego.
"I'm sure he will. He's the best snowplow driver in all of Bricksmeade!", says daddyLego.
"He's the ONLY snowplow driver in Bricksmeade!" says Mommylego, and they both laugh, finishing up the last knots on the tree ropes.
As Papa's old tree truck climbed higher and higher up the mountain pass, the snow got higher and higher, too. In some places, it was taller than the truck! But the small road had been cleared well, and at the top of the pass, they caught up with a familiar roar of the snowplow, driven by J.S. 
He had cleared the pass all the way into Bricksmeade!
As they pull the old truck into the tree farm, they see a couple of their friends have already started to ready the tiny cabin for their arrival! As daddylego and papalego start to unload all the trees, the rest of the family helps open up the cabin. 
Bayf has begun clearing the sidewalk to the cabin with his snowblower. 
"We were hoping J.S. would be able to clear the pass for you!" he shouted over the rumble of the machine. "Welcome home!".
Meanwhile, Staci has begun opening up the children's area of the farm. "We thought you weren't going to make it this year!", says Staci, "But when J.S. told us he was going to try to clear the pass, we knew you'd get here sooner or later!"
"Thank you so much!", says Nanalego
MommyLego warms up the small kiddie train and gives the minifigs a ride around the track. Clickety, clack, clickety clack goes the train. The minifigs love the old train, and even moreso love looking at pictures of their parents and uncles and aunts riding it when they were just wee minifigs, too. 
After all the trees are unloaded, and the train is warmed up for the season, and the snow is plowed, everyone is ready to get warmed up!
"Let's go unpack our snow clothes!" says little Emmalego
And they scurried across the street to their winter lodge. 

Mommylego is busy opening up the lodge for the season. She opens shutters and lets the water run clear. Soon, she begins to put a nice warm soup on the stove, and of course, hot cocoa!
Meanwhile, Daddylego and the kids put up the tree and hang the ornaments. Little Evan gets help putting up the star!
And Emmalego hangs the stocking by the roaring fire. 
Once their bellies are full of warm food and cocoa, they notice the fire isn't as much a roar as a purr. "Woops! We'd better go out and grab some more logs from the woodshed!", says daddylego. "Let's get our warm clothes on and head out!", says Mommylego, and they all start upstairs to unpack their bulging suitcases, full of snow clothes. 

Daddy & Mommylego take the sled to the woodshed and begin to load it up. 
But the minifigs are having so much fun in the snow! They've started building an igloo hut outside in one of the snowbanks that the avalanche brought. 

Soon after they finish, they hear the familiar sound of a snowmobile, rumbling down the street. It's Keelee! "Hi guys!! I'm so excited you made it up the pass!! We've missed you!! Come play in the square! We're all waiting for you!", she says. 
Sure enough, all their friends from Bricksmeade were there! Snow always makes so much fun! Evan is going down tobaggan hill alone for the first time! Good thing Emmalego is there to catch him at the bottom!
Emma's best friend, Sophia has excitedly been waiting for Emma's arrival. She pulls out two pairs of brand new ice skates from her bag and hands a pair to Emma. "Merry Christmas!", she says.
Emma is excited beyond words! "Thank you SOOO mcuh!!", she says, and the two begin reciting the nutcracker suite, on ice. 
Evanlego has joined in on a game of hockey with Ethan, Eli, and Caleb. Evan hits the puck hard and two of the boys go chasing after it!
"AHHHHHH!", they hear, followed by really hard laughter. 
It looks like Eli has hit a snowdrift! How funny to see those legs wiggling in a snowbank!
The day passes quickly, as soon the sun begins to set, and the temperatures began to fall. The minifigs one by one begin to head home, and Emma & Evan lego decide to head home as well. Some of mommylego's hot cocoa always warms them up!
But on their way home, they find something in the snow. 
"It's a letter to Santa!", says Emmalego "How did that get here?!?" She wonders.

"We had better take it to the post office tomorrow when it's opened!", says Evan lego. Emma nods in agreement and they walk home, hand in hand, to sip hot cocoa by the fire. 

The next morning, the family walks down to the Bricksmeade Bakery for breakfast. This shop smells the whole village of gingerbread and cinnamon, and all the villagers can't help but be drawn in!
Emma & Evan lego have brought the Santa letter with them to take to the post office on their way home. 
After a warm breakfast of cinnamon rolls and cocoa, they begin to make their way back down the street to their home, when Evanlego spots something stuck in the snow covering the cobblestone street. 
"It's another letter! To Santa!" says Emmalego
"Oh my! You had better take it with you when you stop in at the post office!", says Mommylego
"Please give our best to Postmaster Aria!", says daddylego, and they head over to Papa's tree farm to help on opening day.
They walk into the warm post office with a little "ding" from the bell on the door. Postmaster Aria is so happy to see them. "Welcome home!!", she says "What can I do for you?"
"Well, we've found these letters to Santa", says Evanlego "around town, on the ground!"
"We didn't know where they came from, so we've brought them to you!", says Emmalego
But Postmaster Aria tells them a concerning story.
"There have been Santa letters all over Bricksmeade ever since the avalanche came through! No one knows where they came from, and no post delivery has been able to make it in or out! Unless something changes, Santa may not get these letters from all the boys and girls that wrote them!"
"Oh no!" say the minifigs.
And little Evan is worried. Now he won't even be able to send his letter to Santa! 

Will he EVER reach Santa??
Where were the letters coming from??
How will they make it to Santa?!

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