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{The Lego Castros} Week 2


Well, it looks like the Lego Castros are waiting patiently at the bus stop! They must be headed into the city!

Here comes the yellow line! It stops at the bicycle shop, David's Pizzaria, and the coffee shop!

The yellow line has passed by with a friendly wave. The family must be heading to the shopping district, on the red line!

"All aboard!" says Driver Kyle! He knows LegoEmma & Lego Evan love to climb aboard the back doors of the big bus, while mommy & daddy lego use the front doors. 

"Where are you off to today, Lego family?" he asks.
"We're shopping for gifts for all our friends and family in Bricktown today!" shout the minifigs at once. 
"How exciting!", says Kyle.

It's a short ride into the city by bus, and the minifigs are excitedly looking out the bus windows. They love not having to wear seatbelts, so they can stand and see out all the windows.

"Look, MommyLego!", says Evan. "They're decorating the city square!"

Driver Kyle drops them off at the city stop and they minifigs wave goodbye to their dear friend as he drives off to pick up more city-goers!

"Well, where should we begin?" asks daddy Lego.
"The LEGO store!" says Emma
"ToysRUs!" says Evan
"Cocoa!" says MommyLego. 
Hahahaha! Silly Mommy.


It looks like Evan and Daddy Lego are hard at work inside Toys R Us shopping for treasures! I think they have tried out every remote control toy available!

"These aren't what I'm looking for for MY Christmas list, daddy", says Evan Lego.

"Well, you'll have to tell Santa your list, I suppose." says Daddy Lego. "For now, we need to purchase all these for our dear ones." and off they go.

Meanwhile, Mommy & Emma Lego are busy shopping in the big Lego Store on Main Street. 

"These Duplos are perfect for the new cousins!" Emma Lego exclaims!

"Perfect!", says Mommy Lego, "Now let's go find Daddy & Evan!"

They find the boys looking into the Toy Shoppe windows, Evan Lego looking a bit glum. 
"What's wrong?" asks Emma lego.
"Nobody has the Christmas Racecar set I've been wanting for Christmas.", says Evan lego.
"Cheer up, Evan", says his big sister. "Perhaps we'll see Santa today, and you can let him know!"
"What a good idea, Emma!", says Daddy Lego.

The minifigs use some of Gram-Gram's nickles to buy bubblegum from the machine, but notice something is wrong!

"Where's Mommy lego?!?", Daddy lego asks.

Well, there she is!
Mommy Lego and her hot cocoa!


The family walks down Main Street to the city square where Ms. Sunny, the city manager, is hanging lights on the big tree. 
"It looks wonderful, Sunny!" says Mommy Lego.
"Thank you!", Sunny replies, "I want it to look perfect for the big city tree lighting festival!"

Suddenly, a rumble almost knocks Sunny right off her ladder! 
"What in the world was that?!", she asks!
"Sorry, Ms. Sunny! That was my tummy!" says little Evan Lego.
"It sounds like lunchtime!" says Daddy Lego, and they wave goodbye to Ms. Sunny.

The smell of hot brickoven pizza from City Pizza draws the little family in. 
They are so happy to eat the yummy pizza outside on this beautiful, almost-warm, day!

They see their school friends, Grace and Will, leaving the pizzaria, who tell them that they've just been to see Santa down the street! Evan Lego is so excited, he almost forgets to chew his pizza!!

"Let's GO!", says Evan Lego. "I can't miss Santa!! I've GOT to let him know about my racecar set!", he says. 
"Yes, yes!", says Mommy Lego. "Just as soon as Daddy lego is done talking to Mr. Tada!"

Mr. Tada runs the motorcycle shop next door to City Pizza. Normally, little Evan would LOVE to sit on all the shiny new bikes in shop, but not today! He is ready to go see Santa!

The minifigs run so fast, their parents can't even keep up!
But sadly, once they arrive, they see two very sad children. 
"He's already gone", says a sad Evan Lego.
"There's been an avalanche up on Bricksmeade Mountain," a worker says. "Santa had to leave early to help clear the mountain paths!"

"We can mail a letter to Santa, Evan!", says Daddy Lego.
"Good idea, Daddy.", says little Evan, a bit more hopeful. 


The Lego Castros have made it back to Lego Brick Drive and are delivering Christmas gifts already!
Mayor Kurt is so surprised to see his sister! How did she know he was going to be home this weekend? "Lucky guess!", she says. 

The minifigs are so excited to see their Uncle A! They have chosen a special gift for their new baby cousin's first holiday! I wonder what it could be!

Daddy Lego catches Brock on his way out the door to the bus stop.
"Wow! Sorry!", Brock says as he almost runs over Lego John. "This is the busiest time for the Toy Shoppe, with Christmas coming, but with the avalanche, the toys aren't able to be delivered down the mountain from the factory! I'm on my way to help restock the shops with the inventory we have in back!"
"Oh my!", says Lego John. "Well, here is a gift from our family to you! Enjoy it on your ride to the city!"
"I will! Thank you so very much, and give my love to the minifigs!", says Brock, as he runs off.
Levi can barely hear Emma Lego shouting "Merry Christmas, Uncle!" over the lawn mower. Auntie Pickle and Baby Ava are watching the green grass as it sprays around, and the tiny baby giggles. 
"Why are you delivering gifts so early? Christmas is still a ways away!", says Auntie Pickle.
"Papa sent a telegram today!", says little Evan. "It said three words:'TREES R READY!', so we're heading up the mountain tomorrow!", he says.
"Up the mountain?! But how will you get there? Isn't the avalanche covering the train tracks with snow?", she asks.
"I don't know...", says Evan Lego, looking a little worried. "But we CAN'T miss the annual tree farm tumble!", he says. 
"No, I'm sure you don't!", Auntie says, and kisses the kids goodbye. 


The Lego Castros are loaded down with so much in their little suitcases, it's hard to even get them closed! Their annual trip to the mountain is one of the minifigs' favorite things about the holiday season, for one reason: The Tree Farm Tumble. 

Papa & Nana grow Christmas trees all year long at their cabin on Bricksmeade Mountain. But once December comes, Papa cuts them down, and the lego kids get to help tumble the trees down the ravine to the old logging trail, where they load them up into Papa's Tree Truck and take them allllllllll the way up the mountain to Bricksmeade, the small town close to Bricksmeade Mountain's summit. 
The Lego Castros rent a lodge there, right across the road from papa & nana's Christmas tree farm and their tiny log house where they all stay for the season. 

The tiny family arrives at Bricktown Train Station and are greeted by Mr. Harley. 
"It must be time for the Christmas Tree Tumble!", he says.
"Sure is!", says Daddy lego. "I just hope the tracks are clear!"

Mr. Harley assures them that the tracks have been cleared, but has other concerns. "I just don't think you'll be able to drive the trees up the mountain pass into Bricksmeade this year", he says with a sad look. "The avalanche has closed off the pass to the town! Mail hasn't even been deliverable! It's just terrible!"
"Oh my!", says Mommy Lego, with tiny lego tears in her eyes. 
"Don't worry!", Harley says, "Engineer Paul will get you safely to Papa's cabin, and you can surely stay there for Christmas! It will be great! And just think! You'll have so many Christmas trees!"

But little Evan was worried.

No mail was delivered?! What about his letter to Santa?!? How was he going to know about the race car set?!?

Just then, Engineer Paul blew the whistle on the shiny Emerald Night Express as he pulled into the station. Mr. Harley loaded their heavy luggage into the passenger car.

As the train pulls off on the journey half way up Mount Bricksmeade to Papa & Nana's, the children are excited and anxious. 

Will they be able to complete the Christmas Tree Tumble?
Will they make it up to the summit for Christmas? To their lodge?
Will they see all their friends that live there? And ice skate and ski?!?

And, will little Evan lego EVER be able to let Santa know what his Christmas wish is?!

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