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{The Lego Castros} Week #1


Hi there! After a short hiatus, the Lego Castros are back with their Christmas Story: 2015, and I can't wait to see what they're up to this year!!

If you're new here, meet the family! Lego John lives with his wife, Lego Heidi, and their two minifig kids, Emma & Evan. They live in a cute house in a suburb of the city of Bricktown. 


The only traffic on their street, LEGObrick Drive, is made up of bicycles, vespas, the occasional taxi, the twice daily bus that takes figs to and from Bricktown, and the trash truck. Usually, though, it's happy little people walking to their neighbors' houses, the park, or to one of the food vendors. And it looks like the family is walking somewhere right now!

Why, they've walked down to David's Pizzaria! David owns TWO pizza places in Bricktown, and is working on a big deal with Lego City's Mayor Kurt for another! (Lego City is the biggest city in Legoland!) But David likes working best at his little street shop on Legobrick Drive the most. Probably because he lives right across the street with his family!

It looks like Emma is watching the family's pizza cooking in the famous brick oven!

Mommy fig and little Evan have picked a table. Little Evan loves to sit at the tall pub tables, even though he is so small! What a silly little guy!


Good morning! The Castros are up early today, heading out on the vespas! There's only one place that they ever take the vespas to - the seashore! The only way to get there is on narrow, sandy paths, and the ride is much too far for little figlegs to walk!

And look! Emma has gotten big enough to drive one of the scooters this year! Hang on tight, Mommy fig!

Why, yes! It WAS the seashore! To visit Gram-Gram at her beach house! Look how happy she is to see her little grandfigs! Pappy and Grum have come out to see their arrival as well! Life at the little beach house has gotten so much more fun since Gram-Gram's parents moved in with her. They decided their life in the metropolis of Lego City was too fast and too expensive, so they sold their little apartment above the store they owned for 55 years, and moved in with Gram-Gram, where they've been so happy (and their cat, Shiro, has become QUITE the little crab fisher!)

Pappy is a funny old man. His life was one big exciting adventure! He has fought in both of Legoland's biggest wars against Tyco & MegaBlock, was a professional boxer in the underground tunnels of Lego City, and even was named one of the biggest leaders of the big cookie prohibition smuggling ring back in the day! For such an old fig, he is very strong, and loves throwing little Evan up in the air, pretending to break a hip so he can't catch him, but then laughs and catches him right before it's too late! Oh Pappy!

Grum is always giving the little figs nickles. There's a surf shop around the beach from their house that sells popscicles for 5c, and the little figs LOVE getting to go there and choose their favorite flavors!

When Emma was just a one-bump, she couldn't pronounce "Grandmum" well, and called her "Grum" instead. Grum loved it, and has signed their Christmas Cards that way ever since. 

While Pappy and Grum take their naps, Gram-Gram takes the family out for swimming and surfing lessons in the sea. Just look how well the little figs are doing! They are both up and surfing!

Old man Wes, the lighthouse keeper, watches closely for sharks, even though they never come this far inland. The kids joke that he just wants to make sure they don't ruin the statue of brickerty that stands in the bay. Legend has it, it was sculpted after his late wife. 

Gram-Gram and the kids have built a fantastic sand castle! 

It looks like Shiro has spotted a crab to catch for her dinner!

The family enjoys visits to the seaside so much! The weather here is so warm compared to the winter winds that have already come into their neighborhood back home! 

Soon, the Lego Castros will head home before the beach trails are too dark. Gram-Gram, Pappy, and Grum will leave tomorrow for their annual Christmas Cruise, so they won't see the grandfigs again until the new year! 


The minifig children are excitedly telling mommy & daddy fig all about the food cart park. This weekend, the food cart workers will be replaced my food cart santas!! And, as luck would have it, they've started today!
Daddy fig hands the children some spending money, and head back into the house to wrap some gift while the little figs head excitedly over to the foot cart park. 
"Thank you, daddy!!"
The minifig children have a hard time choosing which goodies to buy! There are popscicles from the seaside santa, cupcakes and cookies from the Bricksmeade Bakery, and Lemonade and cookies from Mr. Frank. 

In the end, they've made a decision. They've decided to pass on the popsicles, since they just had one at Gram-Gram's house, and buy cookies and cupcakes from the Bricksmeade Bakery Stand. Bricksmeade is atop the mountain many, many miles away! They usually go once  year up the mountain because it is so hard to get there, with no public transportation! But, the minifig children love it so much, and just smelling the yummy cupcakes makes them think of Bricksmeade!

But, the cold lemonade from Mr. Frank's, I mean, Santa's, lemonade stand looked so good, they used their last coins to buy a large lemonade, and Evan had just one more cookie! Their Great, Great Grandma had a huge lemon tree in her backyard, and the little figs used to love picking them when they were just tiny little minifigs. 

They carried their goodies to the park to eat and play. 

They climbed aboard their favorite play structure, the Spinny-Spin!
Around and around and around they go! Emma spins them so fast!

Just look how happy they are, laughing and giggling!

Uh oh! I wonder why LegoEmma is so concerned?!

Oh no!! Too many cookies for LegoEvan must not have mixed well with the Spinny-Spin!

Run home, little figs! Run home!!


The End of Week One
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