Sunday, December 27, 2015

The Last Week of School...

Any time there's going to be a break from school longer than a couple days, you can guarantee that life at the Castro home is turned all the way up to red. The amount of PTA luncheon items that need to be dropped off, and teacher gifts that need to be turned in to this child's mom, and minutes from the last meeting need to be typed, and yearbook photos need to be entered, and party supplies need to be sent, and THE MADNESSSSSSSS of it all! And every year, I always run around screaming "I'm not doing this next year! I'm gonna learn to say no!", and every year, John reminds me that I say that every year, and yet here we are again, because every year, if I step back and take a good long think, I love being here for our kids. I love supporting the people who support my kids, and I love that I have the opportunity to do it. 
That being said, the last school day of the year is like getting aboard a roller coaster, and you know if you just make it through the next 5 minutes, you'll be sitting on the sidelines, with a smile.
Evan's Pancake Breakfast party at school.

The introduction of polaroids to 1st graders. 

After school, we continued on our merry way to the kids' party at John's company. The crafts were new this year, and they loved it!

Santa brought them adorable gifts that they loved. Emma made a special trip over to the CEO to let her know how perfect hers was, which is adorable, especially when they get to "this age".

The birds of winter have made their arrival, and have found the magical re-filling squirrel stockings!

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