Sunday, December 6, 2015

Christmas Light Parade + an old fashioned barn building!

On Thursday night we donned our family Christmas jammies and headed downtown for the city tree lighting + Christmas light parade. 
We rarely eat at the jungle of food trucks in town, but I'm pretty close to obsessed with visiting them. I have no idea why. They're so cute all parked up like a pioneer wagon circle and all the people are standing everywhere waiting for their turn to order and lights are glowing and it's kindof the organized chaos that somehow makes my heart happy. Past life in a village square, perhaps? A shopkeeper in the castle yards? Who knows, but even my introvert soul can't stay away from the glow and overcrowding of a good food truck party...especially when they add Christmas flare!
I mean, for reals. 

Now, I'm not sure why lighting glitches is all the rage for the 2015 season, but apparently it is. After the campus lights half way lit, we were excited to see the musical light show the city was building up for tonight's tree lighting, but the grinch had arrived before us and crashed the computers and as we counted down to the big show, the panicked city worker had to run over and explain why that whole tree lighting thing? Wasn't going to happen.
But, this adorable girl happened.
Worth it. 

SO, instead, we walked back to the van, which was waiting patiently among the sea of school bandmembers waiting to march and lit up trucks and floats, and carols being sung, because the Castros are always at the start of every parade, so we can get home before the tidal wave of cars fills the city streets.

A few of our favorites:

It was fun, and we left with enough candy to build a dozen gingerbread houses! Christmastime has officially begun in our little city, and it. is. grand. 


Yesterday, a big project began. And by big, I mean about 15 feet big. 
I've been wanting a shed for the backyard for the mowers and edgers and other tools of the outdoor gardens and lawns. And, as luck would have it, there was a black friday sale that landed one in my cart. Hurray!!
This was going to be an old fashioned barn building adventure, even though we didn't know it yet!
Mark my words. Those shed kits that look all easy up, a few screws here and there, are actually hell in a cell. Not even kidding.

The kiddos raked leaves from the landing spot of the shed.  And when I talk about OUR yard and say "leaves", I mean, there's about 20 big trash bags of leaves in one 10 foot area. 

So, after a few minutes of raking, they had a big enough mountain to just be kids with a leaf pile for awhile. 

And hubby started laying the base down for the shed. 
It's funny, I've had 3 years to decided where this beast was going to live. In my mind, it was at one time in probably every corner of the lot. It had moved from one side to the other, under that tree for shade or over there so I wouldn't have to see it every morning. 
And in the end, it landed in the spot I had never thought about. But it was the perfect spot. Close enough to the side door, nestled where the Oklahoma winds were blocked, and not in pain view of our dining nook windows. And in the spring, when she's surrounded by pretty crepe mertles and iris gardens, she's gonna be happy and proud. 

We had 3 wonderful friends that came over to help. They started at 9am and didn't finish until almost 9 PM! These men gave up their ENTIRE Saturday. Their time with family. Their day off work. They're football-watching-in-a-recliner time. Their wives and kids gave up daddy and hubby time, which is sacred to families like ours. Their lives for that day.
And they didn't stop when it got really, really cold. Or when it got too dark to see. 
They stayed until it was safe and sound and congratulated each other on a job well done.
THESE are true friends, in every sense of the word. I think this is what John 15:13 was talking about when he wrote "Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends"
These men laid down 12 hours of their lives for us. To build a SHED, you guys. 
And maybe it's because my love language is "Acts of Service", but I think that friends like these are the bees knees. And you can't get better gifts than that.

4 tired men-in-a-shed
(stepping off soap box now.)


He's adorable.
And that Skylanders Superchargers Game he's asking for must surely be in Santa's bag. He's told so many of Santa's helpers by now....

Happy Weekend!
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