Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Christmas Cookies! (and other December flings)

It's here, it's here! December!! Jolly fat man in red! Flying reindeer! Hallelujah choir! Bell ringin' Samaritans! Jesus's birth! Menorahs! It all comes together in one big ol' melting pot of worldly good called December, and around this house, it all begins with Uncle K's Christmas gifts (always opened on the 30th of November)

 (Evan is in "that" photo-taking stage, please remember that we will all miss this one day....right? RIGHT?! I mean...)

The LEGO story of 2015 is well on it's way to begin, even though I failed yesterday. Oops. I know. Day one. (YOU HAD ONE JOB!!!)
But, I was debating on:
A. making the story it's own blog tab
B. Making the story it's own Instagram account
C. Doing it like we've always done it. Right here. 
What do you think?? Any suggestions??
Quick! Lemmie know!!

So last night was the launching of our holiday events! The university held a "Merry Mascot Party" for the alumni legacies, and you can bet we weren't going to miss a good cookie decorating party! There were pictures with Pistol Pete for holiday cards, Christmas movies, coloring center, letter writing, and cookie decorating. While all the other families lined up to visit Pete, we had our priorities on cookies, because, COOKIES. It's not that we don't love seeing our favorite mascot, but when you see him a bajillion times all football season, he's kinda no big deal when there's COOKIES next door. So. 
The first ones in the cookie factory - before the germs of other runny nosed kids invaded - were the einsteins. 

Evan's didn't even make it into the hot cocoa and punch room. It was devoured like Santa himself would have done it. Way to go, kiddo!
So, while the others sipped hot cocoa and watched movies, he wrote his letter to ol' Pete. 

 He told him all about his letter to Santa, asking for the Skylanders Superchargers video game, and telling him "Go Pokes!". 
Love it. 
And then it was signed, sealed, and delivered into the big orange mailbox. 

Finally, we headed over to see Pete, who was adorably wearing his orange Santa hat. 
Did you notice our older einstein is missing? Her first year to be all teenagery and pass on the big guy in orange. Buckle up, it's gonna be a ride, folks. 

We stopped to warm up by the fire before we headed out to the Fanfare of Lights - the campus lighting event. 

We grabbed more hot cocoa/cider and some more cookies!! and hit the hammocks while we waited for the show to begin. 

 And remember I told you my ISO was like 500000 the other day? So I changed it back and totally shouldn't have because I needed it tonight in the dark, but it was SO. FREAKIN. COLD. I didn't even care. Shivery, blurry photos for the WIN! I wasn't gonna mess with dials and such with big fat gloves and COOKIES gripped in my hands like Gollom and his precious ring!

The humane way to eat a gingerbread man...

After listening to like a million different singing groups sing some awesome songs, the countdown began and campus was lit with a warm glow. 

December, I heart you one million emoji-with-heart-eyes. Even with your below freezing winds. 

Now, about that LEGO story...
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  1. cool. why do I always hear of the OSU stuff after the fact!?! argh.

  2. AND, I vote to do it all on the blog and not instagram since I'm not on there! :)

    1. So, after I started it on Instagram, I have all my voters saying "blog! Blog!" Lol! Dang it. :)


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