Wednesday, December 16, 2015

A weekend in review...and the Third Sunday of Advent

The day that Christmas cards go out is like the signal for Christmas Card anxiety. From that moment on, I am stalking the mailman like a cat watching a mouse hole. Creeping around the front windows, peeking out with every engine vroom, heart jumping every time Dobby barks. It's pretty sad, really, but Christmas Card season is the BEST! There is nothing like getting a good ol' piece of snail mail in the box and opening it up to see people I love! And read how their year has gone! And feel all warm and snuggly!
SO, you better be mailing YOURS to me asap! Hurry! Hurry! I'm waiting at the door!!

Christmastime around here is overflow. We do it with the holiday cheer encountering Buddy the Elf realm. So much so, that Evan even decided that Pearl & Earl Squirrel needed stockings, too. Because, doesn't EVERYONE make stockings for the crazy wildlife that live out of your trees and eat your patio furniture cushions? I mean, for reals. 

There are about 20 squirrels that live in our backyard, yet somehow the only two we ever see are pearl & Earl. I think it's kinda like how Nemo's dad named all 7864357263 babies "Merlin, Jr." and one "Nemo". Only in this story, they're all Pearl or Earl. 
His heart is so big.

A big ol' peanut on the top of each one.

This weekend, we were kinda in the homebound mood. The kids were coughing, I've had this weird pain. It was coldish. 
And so, we missed ugly sweater parties and carriage rides around downtown, and sat. 
And then, Emma exclaimed "LET'S DECORATE THE GINGERBREAD HOUSES!!" and it was like, uhhhh WHY didn't we think of that?!?

Remember that Christmas parade we went to - the one with the 45 pounds of candy?! We sat at the table and opened all those wrappers like a squirrel with pecans!
Not your typical selection of gingerbread house decorating candies, but hey. We're pretty keen on free around here. 

 And then, it began...

 AND, because we're a seven year old boy, we've got the cross on our roof above the little guy shooting a cannon. (And that's ME out front looking all osteoporosis!)
I totally must have planted all those rainbow skittles plants...

And, also, I found a string of VINTAGE bubble lights! NOT the new, safe ones! The ones that blow up and burn houses down if you're not watching! How great is THAT?!?! I mean...

Last night was Emmy's orchestra performance. It always blows me away how well she plays in just her second year. She's amazing.
And gorgeous.

And, for advent Sunday...

Verses + Songs for Week #3:
Matthew 2:1-8 We Three Kings
Matthew 2:9-12 Joy to the World

These books are some of our favorites for the telling the whole story of Christ's birth and the events surrounding it. We read one tonight and one (or two) next week, on the final Sunday. 

For the older children: The First Christmas - This one has more words per page, and is a little more in depth than the other children's books. It also touches on King Herod and reminds us the true meaning of Christmas and why we celebrate the way we do.

For the younger children: Mary's Baby - A basic storytelling with big colorful illustrations and short sentences on each page.

For the mix: The First Christmas Night - A book written in a similar way as "Twas the Night Before Christmas" poem. Really sweet :) Also has a short section on the back page that tells of the biblical story of Jesus.
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