Monday, November 16, 2015


Remember that frost that I was so anxious for? Well, you guys must have been praying with me, because it came pretty quick. BUT, I guess we should've asked for a freeze, because that frost didn't quite do the trick. Evan has been feeling better, though. He hasn't been in Darth Vader mode with his nebulizer machine for a few days, so we're gonna go ahead and chalk that up to a big Hallelujah!! 

We don't go watch a lot of movies, but when we do, it's usually opening day and we arrive an hour early and loiter around just to be sure we get good seats all together. I suppose it could be leftover from our life in Cali, when it happened more often than not that we were sitting on the dirty steps of the theater just to be together. (And that was still after arriving uber early!) 
The Peanuts movie was adorable. 
Now, not to let you down, your crybag blogger DID in fact tear up several times. I can't help it. When you're a little bit of a Charlie Brown, you sympathize with the Charlie Browniest and all the things that go along with it. 

This was the first Veteran's Day that my big brother couldn't make it to the assembly at school. Evan was pretty upset about it, so I decided to stay and watch with him anyway. 
One of the student teachers actually performed "An American Soldier" while playing his guitar and it had me tearing up like a crazy person. I'm pretty sure the people that didn't know me thought I must have lost a husband to the war or something. Embarassing. Geez. 
This year there were more military members up on the stage, but I also noticed that there were a couple that have been there every year that weren't anymore. :(
Either way, Evan wanted to take his annual photo by the flag, bearing his uncles' names. 
Happy Veteran's Day to all the military men, women, and families; but especially to the einsteins' uncles:
Joey - Army
Kurt - Air Force
Levi - Air Force

We salute you!

My handsome big brother!
 Hubby + I attended an 80's murder mystery party this past weekend. 
It was so much fun, and we really enjoyed it, even though we were pretty clueless to the murder. 

Are you laughing out loud?!?
I bought that dress off ebay. It's seams were ripped and the sleeves elastic had gone out sometime in the past three decades, but it was close to my size, and cheap enough. I had pinned it like a pro! I mean, when you run enough races, you have about 237695 safety pins all over the house, and I'm pretty sure I used just about all of them on this dress!
As I was telling my neighbor about it, she tisk-tisked at me and lovingly sewed it all back together again. 
And it fit like a glove. 
(Thank you, Ms Jana!!)
We rented John's suit coat at the local costume shop - it matched perfectly! Slap on a wig and a frilly shirt front, and we were ready to go!

Totally random event here, but yesterday, Evan was going to add a dash of pepper to the dinner simmering in the crock pot for me.
He had Emmett Lego help him out.
 He's adorable, if I do say so myself. 

I was filming a Christmas segment last week, which meant holiday decor was coming out early, much to hubby's dismay. (Meanwhile, I did the happy Snoopy dance)

So the house at 22 LEGObrick Drive changed from this... this...

Seasons change fast in the Lego world. 
And, speaking of which, I have already begun construction on the 2015 Christmas villages. Get ready!


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