Saturday, November 28, 2015

It's Ornament Time!!

I hope your Thanksgiving went well! As usual, ours started off before the sun rose, driving to the city for the annual Turkey Tracks run. 

Evan placed 2nd in his age division, John took 4th, and Emma 6th. Me? Oh, well...I did okay (cough cough) 28th (cough cough). ;)

The winter storm held off just long enough for us to race home and take warm showers and learn that the meal was at 12 and not 2 like I had made up in my head for some reason. But we all arrived in time and the day was perfect!
Enough food to break the seams on my jeggings and fill the fridge for turkey day leftovers for a week!
I made sure to clear my phone pics off so that I could properly capture the day in all its glory, but it stayed there, hooked to the computer the entire night at home, 20 minutes away from my dad's cabin, where we feasted. 
You'll just have to believe me that the food was beautiful, the table was aglow with candles, and my best friend from middle school on gave me the joy of joining us for the feast. 

Black Friday was an utter failure this year. We were 7 minutes late in the door, and the LEGO sets I had my heart on were already gone. While passing a couple rushing out with 3 of the bright colored boxes, I totally understood the pillaging and grabbing and trampling of people. I mean, did you really need those? Can I just (GRAB AND RUUUUUUNNNNN!!!)
But I didn't. I was well behaved and just settled with tearing up in the middle of the ladies thongs/hot dog cooker machine display like a little girl who was lost. It was magical. 

(and there was a pie incident the week before...that should go untold...but let's just say if the workers were going to help locate a box of legos, it wouldn't be for the lady that caused piegate 2015 last week...just sayin'...)

So we settled on a box of pyrex and headed home in the cold rain. 

A couple weeks ago, I decided that we were going to paint some more canvases- for the living room, this time. And this time, they were gonna be Christmas. And they were adorable. 

They hung perfectly with a couple other pieces of Christmas art from years past. It's going to be sad to put back that big splatter painting once the holidays are over...

Oh, Christmas Tree...

Our ornaments for the year have made their arrival!

for John - In remembrance of our trip to New York. Even though we never made to see Ms. Liberty, she was the first thing we saw on the plane descent into LaGuardia, a constant sight our drivers pointed out while driving around the boroughs, and the last view of the island as we flew home. A symbol of his knowing what was good for me, even when I didn't. A reminder that we can do things out of our comfort zones, as long as we have each other. 

for Emma - A mouth full of medal! She has wanted braces, glasses, and crutches for years now, and with our genetics, she'll probably end up with all three ;)  Here's to a new smile for 2016!

for Evan - A foam finger #1, the same number he chose for his first year of football. For 4 nights/days a week of footballing, for overcoming timidness, becoming stronger, and being part of a team. 

And, for me, a cute yellow taxi. The only thing I liked about New York besides the "chicken on rice" cart. (Not that I could ever ride in one after our trip to Chicago - my first and last taxi ride ever!) 
(Remember that, Barbara?!?)

Christmastime is here!
It is! It is!

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