Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Home for the day...

I've never been one to say I'm looking forward to a freeze in the weather. God didn't create me for the cold. That's the truth.I'm shivering and shaking any time it gets below 74. It's tough being a chihuahua in a laborador world. But, these days I'm crossing my fingers for a good frost. 
Evan's allergies have been so bad this year that the breathing treatment machine has found a semi-permanent spot out of it's cave in the cabinet, and his inhaler has now become as attached to my person as my phone. I'm thinking of inventing an awesome bracelet or hair tie that encompasses the great yellow inhaler. perhaps I bring turbans back into style...or the afro!

It's not fun, watching your baby bear wheeze and cough and look forward to football practice and P.E. days at school but not go.
A good freeze to rid the allergens would be about grand right now. 
(And then it can go back to 70s for the year.) That's okay with me. 

When the book fair comes to school, the einsteins get two book picks. Yesterday, Evan used one on a book for his sister and one on his favorite teacher. He has such a giving heart that it sometimes hurts me to see him constantly giving. Perhaps too many readings of the Giving Tree in my past? Maybe so. But still. No one wants to think of their child as the sad stump at the end of the book. :(

So, I let him pick something from the non-book area (gasp!), which ended up being a 99 cent eraser that looks like an x-box controller. 

And my wheezing, coughing little boy is now playing a video game in bed. A video game with an eraser controller and 2 tiny dinosaur figures. 

We're heading out for a drive-thru lunch today. Pj's and all. 
Because when you're home for a sick day, but you're not actually "sick", you can roll like that. 

Get better soon, sweet boy! I love you! (emojicon with heart eyes for dayzzzzzz) 
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  1. C'mon Jack Frost, you're needed here in OK! Hope he's breathing easier soon.


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