Saturday, November 28, 2015

Brace Face!

Our kiddos are fortunate enough to get some great genetics from the hubby and I. Unfortunately, they also got a few not so great ones, one of which is our overbites. 
As a child who was teased growing up for looking like one of the Simpsons (and with the bad perms, probably Marge), I was fully in support of laying down a car payment every month for a couple years to get Emma's fixed. 

The day we went in, she was supposed to get her spacers. But, as the teeth Gods would have it, she hadn't grown in her adult teeth just yet, so he was able to just put them on a week early. An excited little girl was willing to forego the ceremonial last suppers of steak, gummy worms, popcorn, and gum in return for an early brace face, and so it was. 

Since the teeth themselves are pretty darn perfect, the top ones won't need to go on until much later. She has bottom braces and little tooth necklaces on a couple upper teeth that springs will eventually hook onto for jaw moving. Yikes. 
We're moving skull parts, here, people. 

But isn't she adorable?
Love you, little brace face.
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