Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Adios, October!

I'm a little sad, but kinda relieved October has come and gone. It's my favorite, but it's also the beginning of the uber fast paced end-of-the-year slide that we ride out until January. And October is that first bump that makes you get all wobbly in the belly, but once you've conquered that bump, the rest of them aren't so scary and you can slide down a-bumpin' and a screamin' and it's all good, ya know?
The kids put on their 2nd? 3rd? I lost track of costumes. But they were headed out to the chili cookoff & harvest carnival this night.  
 There's nothing like a god chili cook-off to get you ready for fall. I mean, seriously. We ate so much chili, they began to all become a blur and we voted for the ones we *thought* were the best, but who knows. I think one of us voted for the one with the cutest blonde, another one of us for the cornbread muffins that came with the sample, and by the time the two of us were chili'd out, Em & Dad were still wandering looking for the one they liked. (Was it that one? With the crockpot? Uhhhh...that's ALL of them....)
After our bellies were full, we wandered into the carnival and the kids played games and raked in the candy like leaves!

The next night was the night we paint the street that our football team walks to the stadium on. We were totally in a flash flood watch that evening, but it's Oklahoma, so who knew if it was really coming. Either way, we painted that street for a good hour or so! 

Can you guess what Em's favorite movie is? Totally my fault, I know. 
But still. 
Thursday morning was the start of fall break for my kiddos and we began the morning with breakfast outside! Footies unite!!

It was a big day, because this was the day we were heading a couple hours north to pick up two of the cousins for the homecoming weekend! They don't have school on Fridays where they live, so it worked out perfectly.
(And, NO FAIR! We want no school on Fridays, too!)

In typical Heidi form, we arrived really early. Like, a couple HOURS early.
So we drove around to a couple neighboring towns to see what we could see. 
And there wasn't much, but there were a lot of amazing abandoned buildings that were really cool! Unfortunately, the einsteins refused to let me go explore, so I was stuck with just photos. 

We got back home around dinner time, and the flash flood rains had began, but we ventured out anyway, because it was homecoming week!!
 We took the boys to Eskimo Joe's to eat. NOT my favorite food, but when in Rome...

 On our way home, we drove by Theta pond to preview the lights that we'd see later on. 
 Have you ever been to our homecoming walkaround? It's one of the biggest in the nation, and it's amazing and now that I don't have to ever pomp another piece of tissue paper in my life again, it's even more amazing!

The library fountain was orange, and the boys were amazed. 

 And then they realized that there were wide open spaces available and their boy genes came out, and I just sat at a safe distance. 
The faces in these photos.
That is all. 

 Heading back towards the car, we walked through Theta Pond and saw the ducks and lights. 


The next morning came early and we headed downtown to the homecoming parade. 

 Some favorite parade entries included the new BOB (Big orange bus) with Pistol pete's mustache...
 Polka dot ponies...
 The cars that look like Mr. Gary's...
 This hummer with the giant gun on top...
(remember, we had lots of boys...)
 The push-up squad...
 ...and this guy's sign. 
 After the parade (and the accident heard round the world), we tried to lighten the mood at the tailgate with some paddling.
and lots and lots of food.  
 The "Walk" was held silently this time, in honor of the injured and deceased that were still being tended to just blocks away. The flash floods had faded the paintings quite a bit, but we still saw all our notes there in front of the tailgate. :)

 It was strange to be at the most rowdy part of game day and it be so quiet and somber. 

We headed off to the stadium to get our faces painted and play some games. 

And then it was time to head in for the game of the year!

 The cousins took Emma & my tickets, because boys need to all be together when free food and candy is available, obviously, so a friend offered us their tickets, which worked out well! We had a perfect view of the flag that had just been lowered to half mast.
 And when the planes flew overhead, they went RIGHT over OUR heads. Like, almost peed in my pants close.
It was a good game, and we won!
And the next morning, the cousins headed back home.
(Can you tell they're related?!)

The next week was Halloween week! This is my favorite week of the fall and I make Halloween lunches for the einsteins every day, which was a little more challenging since I was teaching that week, too, but it just made for reallllllly early mornings!

 Our city has a downtown Halloweenfest, and we pulled out our wrestling costumes for the big night!
Seth Rollins (who doesn't smile, because he's totally tough)

Daniel Bryan
(yes! yes! yes!)
 Becky Lynch
 ...and Daniel Bryan's wife, Brie Bella. 
 More lunch...
 Our Halloween porch...can you tell we have a tree-lined driveway?

 Friday was class party day - Evan's was at 9:00AM. I have NO idea who thought that was a good idea, but I bet it wasn't the teachers who had sugared up kids all day! ;)

We were the "fresh fruit" family
 It was also "dress as a book character day", so of course Evan went as my favorite little wizard. I was Katniss Everdeen from the Hunger Games. 

 And after school was the Halloween party at hubby's office. The kiddos each get to bring a friend. 

 And right after the overload of candy there, we headed to Grandad's cabin for the annual Halloween Grandparent party!
I think I had sticky whatnot all over my iphone lens, so you'll have to bear with the fuzzy pics :(

 This Halloween was a bit different than the years past. It was a Saturday, which was AWESOME, but we had a football game in Broken Arrow that morning.
 We put together costumes for the evening...
 Even Buckbeak was dressed up as a turtlesaurus.
(Look at that roar!)

 But Emma wasn't going to be with us this year. She was going to a party instead, which was sad for Evan...and the neighbor kids. 
 So, we headed out to the middle of nowhere to a friend's casino that was putting on a HUGE halloween carnival. They had a mini train driving people from the parking lot to the carnival, where we got free t-shirts and headed in. 
The awesome photo of the train ride in.
 It was actually pretty amazing. Free rides, free dinner, free games & prizes, free cotton candy & snocones...

 We played laser tag, bungee jumped, and they even had a zipline! All free! It was amazing! I kept asking them "Is this really free?" 
Casinos rock. 

 The funniest thing was when we saw Seth Rollins' instagram page and noticed he had also dressed as Mario for Halloween, just like his (little) biggest fan. 
LOVE it. 
 (Who wore it better??)

The day after Halloween, the formal dining table moved out and construction began on the 2015 Lego Christmas world. It's so funny, I think there are some of you out there that look forward to this more than my own kids!

And we celebrated an Americanized version of Dia de los Muertos

Emma's cookies

Momma's cookies

The whole collection
Eli got a special cookie this year. <3 p="">

Monday was the 50th day of school, and the kiddos were supposed to dress in 50's clothes. 
"Danny" & his teacher, "Sandy"
 And then there's yesterday, which began the albuterol treatments :(
 Buckbeak seemed to feel the same way. 
 Which leads us up to today, with little man home.
And just like I said, we went out for drive thru lunch, and picnicked at daddy's office. 
Pajamas, no makeup or brushed hair, Dobby in tow. 
We're awesome. 

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