Tuesday, October 20, 2015

And so it begins...

October around this house is insane. There's only four of us that actually live here, but throughout the month there's about a dozen different characters coming and going as the Halloween events come and go. Our first was the Mummy & Son dance. Evan and I have SO much fun at this one. His uber advanced dancing skills accompanied by my arm flab waggin' nae-nae canNOT be beat. I mean, we slay that dance floor like nobody's business. We look a fool, but that's what we do. Be yourself, right? Even if you're dressed as not yourself?
WWE's Seth Rollins and Brie Bella
And his skills don't end on the dance floor, either. This kid does a mean doughnut-on-a-string munching. He's the whole package. Back in the day, he'd be worth a dozen goats AND a llama!

We made a new friend at the dance that evening. And see DeadMau5 dancing back there? That's my brother, Brock. I mean, not really, but we pretended it was because we miss him living in town with us. :(
Ev's last home game was this past weekend. He's adorable, and I can't stop. He was in the local paper running the ball last week. It was precious. I wonder if Eli & Peyton Manning's mom sits there on Monday mornings clipping 2376439237 newspaper photos out for her little boys' scrapbooks...
The einsteins almost always had "sleepovers" on weekends together, but it's slowly becoming more sporadic. The other night, one of the Harry Potter movies was on and we put up the spare bed in our room and the 4 of us fell asleep watching it (as if we don't own every Potter movie on DVD and BLUray anyway?) But that's how it goes, isn't it? You never really think "I think I'm gonna watch the half-blood prince tonight!" and grab the disc. It's just the suprise of finding it on the GUIDE channel and flipping it on and hoping you didn't miss too much - even though you've watched it a zillion times? 
The next people that made it to the house of random characters were Dr. Oz and our favorite producer, Ali. (NOT the one that took out John's car during filming) Ha!
Walking to school in the mornings is getting more and more blissful. The weather is cooling down and the winds are blowing leaves and the deer are staying out longer and the sun - ohmygosh - the sun shining on all those golden leaves is like I imagine walking through heaven's central park would be. 
This is homecoming week! 
So, fall will bring family and friends and football and a whole lotta ORANGE POWER!!

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  1. Brie Mode??? I thought I was the only Mana who knows who the Bella Twins are. You looked great! Wish we had a Mom and Son dance around here.

    1. Hahahahaha!!!! Kate!!! We need to be best friends!! Then I could tell you who I was gonna be and not get the blank stare....lol!!!

    2. Goodness! You are E are adorbs!

      I totally get it about finding your fav movie on TV. I have The Thomas Crown Affair on DVD, but it's so much better when it's a surprise. =)


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