Friday, September 4, 2015


Okay, so now that school has resumed and life is starting to get back to the daily (schooltime) grind, would you all please get into your Delorean time machines and set the date back to June, 2015 for me? Okay, good. Because, well, summer!

//The einsteins both took tennis lessons this summer. It was Evan's first time, and his bestie's mom, who is like the coupon queen of internet sales got him outfitted like a BOSS. 
And who doesn't love a good tennis pro with a thug look? I mean, seriously. Put this on your "Straight Outta Yuppieville" album cover, right?

Before practice, they would play doubles with Em and her bestie, who tolerated the baseball-like hitting style of Evan's friend, and the constant giggling of Evan like pros. 
Ten points for Gryffindor!

The kids lessons were back to back, so I sat under some big trees every morning for a solid hour and a half. This was an AWESOME time to do my yoga for the day, and sometimes the boys would attempt some of the more silly poses. Here is Evan doing the camel. 

killed it!

//Turtle Love
Early summer is when all the turtles are roaming around humming Marvin Gaye songs and looking for that nice piece of shell to connect with. There are several that make their way through our yard, and Buckbeak said hello to many of them. I mean, you can't exactly take one's turtle to a "Turtle Park" to socialize with other turtles...

This one is named "Tripod", and she already had a couple eggs ready to be laid! You GO, three legged turtle momma!

//Relay for Life
We weren't able to make it Relay this year, but my sweet friend snapped a pic of hubby's lantern for us. Can you believe it's already been three years? God is good. 

//Frontier City!
We went ahead and bought season passes for FC/White Water Bay this year. By the time we visit both parks every summer, it was close to the same price, and with Toby Mac coming to concert, we knew we were headed that way at least 4 times this summer. My two "blonde kids" got passes, too, and MAN did we make good use of those passes!

There were days we went and it was so empty we were able to stay on one ride for over 5 times! They ALWAYS choose the tilt-a-whirl. It's our fav. 


Evan's first time to play tee-ball was this summer. I wasn't sure how he would like it, with it being such a waiting-in-the-dugout-to-hit kinda sport, but he did it, and he did it well. 

//Portrait of a pug.

//Watching the girls play tennis. 


During Evan's swim lessons, this little beauty had her brain in a book. She had assignments to do for the pre-AP classes she was taking in the fall, and she worked hard to get them done quickly. 

//More swimming.

//Run Buddy
We ran 3 days a week this summer, and some days Evan got to ride his bike instead, since he was so "new" to the world of two wheels. 

//National Donuts Day!

//Yoga @ Tennis...

The Lego Castros went sailing this summer!

So did Harley. :)


//Swim Lessons

On the last day of tennis, the coaches threw water balloons instead of balls for the kids. WHAT?! How is that not the BEST coaching ever in the world?!?

//Evan harvests his onions

//The rain
The early part of the summer was actually really rainy! SO rainy, in fact, that Grandad's dock was FINALLY where it was supposed to be - IN THE WATER! 


//Turtle Playdate
He was a water turtle, she was a box. It was never going to work out between them anyway...

My mom found some adorable Nori punches for the kids' rice balls. I couldn't resist using them that very minute!

//Pioneer Fun Run
Dad - leading the pack!
Yeah, it was a little hot that morning...
BUT, Niecey got to do her first race!

Doesn't he look a little bit too big in this one? I mean, seriously.
Sliding into home!

//Father's Day Stones
The annual stone-making. It kills me to see their little hands filling in more and more of the stone each year. My teeny tiny little hands are growing up so fast!!!

//Potato Harvest
(plus a few berries)

//Buckbeak turns ONE!!!

//Nature Journals: Dagger Moth Caterpillar

//Unduh the Sea...or pool water...

He won a ball that day by making 3 in a row. 

//Catfish Tourney
Evan's very first catfish catch. Adorable. 

And then there was Emma, who took 2nd with hers. 

//Nature Journals

So that was June in a cliffs notes kinda way!
I'll have to throw in some July and (hopefully) get caught up to good ol' September before Christmas comes...
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