Thursday, July 16, 2015

Remembering May!

Here we are in the heat of July, and I'm attempting to catch up on the whirlwind that was May 2015. Think of it as one of those big tropical storms that comes by on the news straight for like 5 days and then disappears and you one day see the wrath that it had left and you're all "Ooooooh yeah! I remember that! Whew! That was a big one!". May is always that way for us. The end-of-the-year things tend to take over and multiply like rabbits and pretty much at the end, you're doing nothing but slouching in the recliner with mild PTSD. 
SO, May.
May always begins with the Piece Walk & 5k in Oklahoma City. We've done it for years, and it's a cause very close to our hearts & lives. 
THIS year, hubby was running as "Dash", the mascot. And I, his loyal escort. ;)
This is why our traditional "ussie" had us lookin all....

There are very few days we wear red in our household. Valentine's Day, Christmas, and Piece Walk day. I mean, after all, we bleed orange. 

Our team, Cowboys for Ayden, is AWESOME, and we would LOVE for you to join us! Email me for more info!


At Evan's school, Super Kids Day is the end-of-the-year fun day put on by our P.E. teacher. There are numerous stations to "visit", get your card marked, and move it on down to the next one until you have finished all of them, at which time you turn in that card for a blingin' ribbon like this one:

Evan & his buddy were the first ones to visit and complete them all, which made them uber happy and proud, and me just plain tired from chasing them all over the world. They did AWESOME though, and it was sad that his best buddy would be moving away, so this would be the duo's last Super Kid Day. :(

The last broccoli harvest of the season:
  More on that later...


We got an email one day from one of Emma's teachers saying, in part..
...This is to inform you that this Friday afternoon, the Phi Beta Kappa's, a prestigious academic society at OSU, would like to recognize your child's work at the OSU/SMS Art & Writing Workshop and their contribution to the SMS Anthology. Only 5 students have been selected of the couple hundred participating for their creativity and work in and out of art class, their writing for the anthology, and their academic excellence in all other areas...
We were all up in family proud mode the day of her ceremony, and so were several of our friends. 

We are SO very proud of you, Ems. You are always such an amazing student and we love to see you be rewarded for all your hard work.

Mother's Day.
My favorite day, based solely on my little hand drawn masterpieces. Evan's card this year had me sleeping under a rainbow and my favorite "heavy blankie" that a dear friend made me for Christmas one year, flowers, and my rainbow quilt. 
Be still, my heart.


The garden,
I'm actually giggling right now because the garden hasn't looked like this since, well, May.
On this day, we were taking out the cold weather crops and adding some summer ones.
Evan's little garden looked the cutest, with all it's lettuce and broccoli flooding all over the place.

Afterwards, we were left with a few heads of lettuce, strawberries, and a couple tomato and green bell plants that were just starting out.

Buckbeak and her new summer remodel.
Cute as always.

Emma was recognized at the school board meeting for her writing award the week after the ceremony. Here she is with her proud teacher. :)

Pirate Day in kindergarten!
Nothing like a last minute cutting-of-too-small-sweatpants costume for the day!
I mean, seriously.

Last day of Running Club!
After they ran a short lap, they all got ice cream!
Evan logged over 30 miles this year!

Em's final orchestra performance
This was the last one of the year, and as always, she shined.
I facetimed my sister on the east coast to watch it, and baby Ava, who was still in utero at the time, was dancing around to every song.
That made me smile so very much. Two cousins, already linked.


Fairy Gardens!

Evan had football camp one Saturday morning, so I grabbed Emma and invited a couple friends and we headed out to a fairy garden making workshop.
It was so cute to see all the different gardens that the kids made, an all the imagination that went into turning popscicle sticks into tents and marbles into streams.

Meanwhile, at football camp...

Remember that Super Kids race we ran earlier? We were part of the "Most Students from one Elementary" winning group, which got a pizza & pool party at the YMCA later on.
And this was later on.

Catching frogs and tadpoles from the just-opened-up-but-not-treated pool at my neighbors house.

A foggy walk to school...

...and a hot walk home, slushie in one hand, my hand in the other.


Last day of kindergarten pajama party!

My Uncle Paul came for a visit that week, and it was SO great seeing him!! We've missed him greatly since we lived in California. Even though we lived so far apart, we saw him fairly often for fun things like camping and Disney and Thanksgiving.

A boy and his Dobby.

I don't think we knew in May that we would have one of the rainiest springs in forever. The whole state was flooding and people were losing homes and crops and lives. Even up on our hill, the rainwater rushed over the street.
And as usual, we were out in it, jumping around.

A neighbor told me that the Farmer's Almanac says that every 7 years, this happens. And when I sat back and thought about it, the year we moved here, it was flooding like this, and I was about to be pregnant with my about to be 7 little boy. So, hmmm.

Shakes after 8pm and pajamas! 

We had bought these refillable slushie cup things before school ended, which led to some really fun walks down to the fill station.

The first Thursday of Summer on the Plaza. Our kiddos were off playing frisbee in front of the library.

John and I were in our "usual" spot, relaxed and reading books and glancing up at the blurs of our children running by sporadically. And it was this summer, for the first time, that we realized that we are no longer tied to their heels, chasing after them, standing in line for the slides, making sure they weren't lost, or had to go potty or fell down and scraped a knee or two.
We were parents that could anchor down on the student union garden floor and stay there like big flowers for our little bees to come and visit a few dozen times for snacks and drinks and lawn toys and kisses and stories and check-ins before they headed to a new area.
We were grown-ups.
No more babies.
And I cried a little.
And I may have cried a little more for the consecutive Thursdays after that.
I am so happy to be here, at this time in our lives.
With two very happy, very healthy, very independent children that we have poured so much into.
So very blessed.


Emma graduated from her "Safe Sitter" course. She had request from more than 3 families wanting a responsible babysitter that their kids loved, so we finally got her into one of the courses when she wasn't already booked, and she got her card and headed off into what would be a summer of lots of jobs.

More Summer on the Plaza. 

He still called it "licorice" in May. By July, that would be lost, and even though he calls it a sno-come now, he tries to remember to call it licorice for his momma, who still swoons at the silly little mixup of a little boy at a sno-cone stand.

This was the first sno-come trip of the summer. 

May's biggest news:

One morning he decided to ride without trainers.
And he did.

That's all there was to it.

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  1. I love this! Such a great family :). It's great to keep up with you and glad to see we aren't the only ones with a May that is insane. See you soon!!

  2. I've been missing your posts but I know you've been out living your amazing lives! I always love the pictures and hearing all about your adventures. Glad to know you all are doing well! :)


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