Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Castro Farm + The First Harvest!!

There was a frost last week that snuck up on me. I'd been really good about covering all the plants when it got cold, but that night I fell into bed and awoke the next morning to a freeze warning on my phone leftover from might night thirty. :/ 
I rushed out, but it was too late. Those little sprouts didn't have a chance. 
6 bell peppers and a tomato plant lost their lives that night. Booooo!
The rest of the garden survived, including the strawberries, one of which had an almost-ripe berry on it at the time. 
And yesterday, it was harvest time!

Strawberry Plant
The first fruit!
Evan had his eye on this one from day one, so he did the first "harvest"!
We divided that little awkward looking berry into 4 and each had a bite.
We were all in awe of how good and sweet it tasted - kinda like the ones we had when we lived in Cali - fresh! We're all excited to eat the rest of them all summer long!

We have started to get broccoli & cauliflower bunches growing - you probably can't see much in these pictures (I'm blogging from my phone!), but there are a couple bunches that are already half-dollar sized!

Broccoli + Cauliflower
Evan lost one head of lettuce in his little garden, but the others are doing great! Once in awhile, he'll take a break from the trampoline and grab a leaf or two. So perfect!

Evan's Garden
The strawberry garden - number 4 is a runt, but we keep cheering him on!

And our potatoes have sprouted once again! You can see the smaller, purple one from the purple potatoes!

These pole beans were started inside, and grew this tall in a WEEK! They're just about ready to go out on the soon-to-be bean pole hideout. 
The front row is a line of sunflowers that were planted a few days ago - catching up quick!

We're loving the new beds! Can't wait until we get them all full!
Who knows, you may see the einsteins out at the farmer's market one day!

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  1. Awwww... what a cute and happy little strawberry! Loving the little garden!!!


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