Wednesday, April 22, 2015

//Photo Walk

The man that has carried my groceries for years now told me that bad things are coming. He's no prophet, he says, but he sees things in his innermost mind. It's going to get really bad, he says. And that inner voice told him to let me know. He was nervous to tell me, I could tell from the awkward silence beforehand. We pray together as a family, but we need to do it more. Repent what needs be repented. Make sure Jesus is where He needs to be in our lives, our souls. He told me to take it or leave it. He had done what he was told to do, and I could do with it what I wanted. 

I took his advice to heart, because whether or not he's just a crazy old man with vivid dreams or a tool God is using to warn us, it's always sweet when someone goes out on a limb to do something nice for you. He's known me as much as one can in the few minutes a week that we make small talk as he loads my groceries into the trunk, but I've always liked him. He remembers my children, he asks about my day, and always has a smile on his face for anyone nearby. I don't know if the apocalypse is coming, or the rapture, or whatever world-ending event the zombies arrive from, but I do know that we can always pray together, as a family, more. We can always repent more, and we can always find ways to invite Him deeper into our lives. 

So, among all this, I find myself a little sad. Because really, even if the world isn't ending, the world seems to be getting uglier. People are changing. Priorities are mixed up, backwards, or not even there. Life as my kids will know it will be harder, colder, and full of the products of a messed up society.  

But, that really has nothing to do with this post. 

I just had to slip that in because everyone that knows me, including my kiddos, knows that things like this always happen to me. I'm the magnet of all mouth diarrhea by any random person in the world. It's totally true. And I'm sure my grandchildren will have heard the stories already. 

So yesterday.
Yesterday was a beautiful day. It wasn't hot, but it wasn't cold. It wasn't windy, but there was a breeze. The sky was as blue as our favorite kool-aid, and we had cancelled all evening activities so we could go on a photo walk.  The kids love these walks. They take photos of anything and everything they want, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing what kinds of things show up on my computer afterwards. We've been doing these since the beginning our family, with one whole stream of me in my underwear, cooking my little girl lunch while she toddled around our house in Cali, clutching my camera in her tiny chubby hands, snapping away.
(Thankfully for us all, she hadn't quite mastered the focus)
Evan followed suit soon after. One of his earliest collections is HERE.

We stopped at one of the geocaches that has alluded me for YEARS. Not because it's hard to find, not because it's tricky, not because the coordinates were off. 
You see, it's been guarded forever by a legion of my worst fear - june bugs. 
Momma ain't got time fo that.

But this beautiful blue kool aid day, I decided to go.
And Evan volunteered to guide me, because he's not scared of an old june bug anyhow
(well of course not! You dont have long hair for them to fly into and slow motionly wiggle around entangling your locks in their disgusting legs and enormous bulbus asses!!!)
But anyway.

We got there, and there was not a living june bug in sight!! A couple dead ones in the corners, but other than that, the guards were moths and a couple spiders.
So we conquered that cache like pros and headed off to snap some nature! 

I can't wait to get their memory cards and see what I find!
Until then, rejoice in this sky!!

Little boys.
Are their hands EVER clean??
This kid draws more on his hands than the paper, I'm SURE of it!

A discarded cocoon.

Owl pellets!!
We disected them all right there. Lots of little bones, but no skulls :(

Afterwards, we headed to the trail that hubby was running at and plopped into our hammocks for the last 45 minutes of his run. 

Em is reading "Looking for Alaska" by John Green. I have to wait my turn. 

Every day is a gift.
Unwrap it slowly, intentionally, and with those you love.

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  1. It's been forever since I took a moment to read your words and drink the lovely images you post. I agree, this world seems uglier and it is sad. I don't know how to react to it anymore.

    Since I'm teaching 8th grade again next year, I've been getting my YA literature in. I just finished Looking For Alaska. You might want to steal it away to read it first. There are some uncomfortable, mature situations in it. Discussions will probably need to take place. Good story though.

    I love the shot of Em in the field....beautiful!

    1. Eek! Thanks for the heads up! We had to discuss some of the things in Paper Towns before she read it as well. Similar things??

    2. I haven't read Paper Towns, so I'm not sure. There are two sexual situations and one I thought was a tad graphic.

      If she hasn't read "Wonder" it is an amazing book!

    3. I'm reading it now!

      We did read Wonder and we LOVED it! Such a great story with a strong message.

      I've missed you!! Have a great end-of-the year!!


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