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Am I getting to the point that one blog post per month is sufficient? Ida know. 
My grocery-carry-outer tells me that the rapture is coming very soon. Perhaps I've taken that to heart, and the lost episodes of the family blog will be gone forever in the end. Or maybe I've just been lazy.
Yeah, that's probably it.

So, the hubby and I celebrated our birthday on the 7th. He will always tell you that he "lost" his birthday when he married me, but I was born first, so I say that's just crap. Either way, we share it nicely. 
Evan made me the *best* birthday card this year. 

Hugs? Rainbows? Legos? Does he know his momma, or what?
Then, his last basketball game was played and he scored a bunch of baskets again (I'm pretty sure he's found his "thing" in basketball), and swooped up that gold medal like a pro.

The rest of the day was spent running our iced-out races from the Ft. Worth weekend fiasco. Evan & I finished our 5k and had pizza on the pier while daddy finished up his marathon. 

Grandad & Grandar made us our favorite dinner & desserts that night. Pumpkin pie for me and pineapple cake for the birthday boy. 

My birthday gift from them was translated into more lumber for my garden and some soil. I was able to build the front two legs of the border bed. I've been saving back a little bit every week to be able to get this thing up and running by the last freeze. 

The weather had started to behave a little better, and we pulled out our hammocks. We have a tree-lined driveway that is just MADE for hammocks. 
We could have our own hippie community just lining the drive. I'm sure our HOA would love that...

A pugalicious photo...

A gathering of Lego people visiting a line of shops and food vendors. Unfortunately, that lady in the green is blocking them all. Psh. Annoying. 

A family pic at the annual St. Patty's Day parade. 
It was cooooooold!
Also, please note Evan's rainbow suspenders. I bought them for me, but it turned out they were little kids size :/

The first day of spring break was going to be in the 70's, so we headed on a day trip down to Turner Falls. It was gorgeous there. The clear water immediately lured in my little ones. 

We hiked up a LOT of stairs to visit the "castles" that were basically ruins on the mountain side. 

Eli & Dad were here?!? Hmmm. I thought he was at work...

At the top of the mountain, you could look out over the big waterfall. There was no railing, no wall, just a sheer million foot drop to the bottom of the earth.
I think I peed my pants a little bit taking this photo of Ems. 

Back down we went. 

At this point, the kids got into the creek to wade around, and if i posted the video here, you would die laughing. Evan hit the first rock of slippery algae and he was down. 
And then went down again about 25 more times. It was hilarious. He loved it.

So after we left, we grabbed a geocache on the way out and grabbed some dry clothes at the store.

These were out of order! What is going ON here, computer?!?
Back at the top, we selfie-sticked our family photo.
(probably a little more pee)

Even though daddy couldn't come with us, Lego John did, and reported back the events. 

St. Patrick's Day was day 2 of spring break, and we headed out to our yearly green eggs & ham at Eskimo Joes

The killer turkeys are now full-feathered and scary as all hell!

The garden bed walls were finished, and now I'm saving up for the soil to go inside. 

We headed south to the Museum of Osteology later that week with our friend, Theron. 
Now THIS is my kinda place. 

We found Harley's skull...

Eli's, Evan's, and Emma's skulls...

...Buckbeak's skull...

 ...and they actually sell REAL human skulls in the gift shop!!! When I have an extra 2 grand sitting around, I'm totally heading back. I mean, seriously.

And then the Lego Castros pose with the horse skeleton...

On the last day of Spring break, Buckbeak visited her unicorn friend. 

and the kids and I headed out to the last day of our hometown city park tour. 

Evan mastered the egg race.

He also killed the sack race (and THAT video was to DIE for!), and the parachute.

Last week the kids and I headed to my favorite hole-in-the-wall nursery to pick up some plants. A friend of mine works there and is always giving us the scoop on the newest plants. He gave the kids some flowers and purple potatoes (PURPLE! Like make-purple-french-fries purple!), and we grabbed some cauliflower for the beds. 

Evan's cold-weather bed with 6 lettuces and 3 broccolis.

and the new beds with 6 cauliflower, 2 broccoli, 1 onion that sprouted in the pantry, and 6 green bell peppers. (Plus, some of the flower stems the kids got at the nursery)

Little man digging up worms from the old garden to put in the new beds.

An Easter Bunny visit at the home & garden expo.

And Evan & I with chip beaks, wishing we had real, fat pet chickens instead. 

The lawn is greening up with its weeds of green. 

And THEN, in true Oklahoma fashion, a big ol' hail storm/tornado thing hit the area, and all the baby plants were covered in ice cream buckets and totes.

Dobby, who arrived via tornado, was NOT liking the booming thunder.
Like, at all. 

And the day AFTER the tornados came, our shelter was due for installation.
(Play Alanis Morisette's Ironic here)

Evan documented the "before" photo. :)

They marked and cut the slab

And gave Evan some nice ear plugs

This worker really liked Evan, and was always letting him "help". Here, he was plugging the pressure washer up to the hose. 

I was so amazed that they could dig out the hole in such a small space with a little tractor thing. 
I would have taken out a couple walls and stuff if I had tried...

Down it goes!

Shovel in the extra dirt around the sides. 

...and bring in the cement truck.

...fill in the sides...

At one point, the cement truck guy turned the shoot open instead of closed, so cement was EVERYWHERE, even inside the shelter! So after they shovelled it up into the wheel barrow, I gave them a place to dispose of it. 
And my neighbor went to work right away making a perfect spot for the trash cans!

Cleaning the inside of the shelter out...

Evan signing his name in the slab.

We had them leave the dirt from the garage in the yard so we can make a level area in the back for the pool, but Evan and his hotwheels had other plans..

Meanwhile, Emma was running at a track meet. 
(blue uniform, pink shoes, knee wrap)

Luckily, the cement was still soft enough for her sign her name, too. 

Muffins with mom at school :)

And a friend of ours opened his new coffee truck! Latte Vivace!

Emma & her friend, Elise entered an orchestra contest last weekend and got a "1" - a superior rating!
We were SO proud!

I'm teaching Buckbeak to "hunt" her worms, after an entire winter of force feeding her with a medicine dropper. 

While waiting for Emma after school, we weaved some hair crowns. 

So that was March.
In one long blur. 

One day I'll catch up...

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  1. What an enjoyable way to spend my "lunch break." =0) I've never seen a shelter installed before. Very cool. Can you park your car in there still? Did you stock it with anything? Non-Okalahomans want to know!

    1. Kate you must have had a long lunch break to read all my ramblings! ;)
      These "in floor" shelters are designed to be able to accessed while your car is parked over them. It's pretty cool! We haven't stocked it yet, but we'll end up putting our fire safe in it and probably a small tote with emergency supplies like flashlights and batteries and such. We are required in the state to register them with the city so that they can come search for you in the event that a tornado comes through, so in theeeeory, we wouldn't be in there very long anyhow. I'll have to blog the inside just for you! (Along with that darn family tree that keeps evading me...but I'm working on it!)


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