Saturday, April 4, 2015

Egg Drop - Not the soup!

We ventured out to the park today for the big city egg hunt. I'm not a crowd person by way of ebola, measles, or flu, but for these little einsteins, I'd risk it all, right? I mean, after all, when you have a helicopter lovin' little boy, an egg drop is pretty much a MUST.
p.s. Are you craving egg drop soup now? With those crunchy chip things that get grease all over but they're so good? Because, i mean, YUM.

So after we registered (so that the sponsoring church can send you invites? or something...), the littlest einstein climbed aboard the inflatable jungle of slides and bounce houses and the such.

and then we heard the pumps all go quiet and panicked workers screaming down the line to "GET THE KIDS OUT!! QUICK!! GET THEM OUT!!" because the breaker had blown or whatever happens when you plug a small city of jumpies into one plug. It was exciting for us, because when we had our own bounce house, that WAS the fun - turning off the pump and letting it collapse while you were inside. Poor kid thought it was all fun and games until the worker man yanked him out by the arm socket. Ha! 

We went to the playground, where there were no lines, but flooded with amoeba ridden children and parents screaming at or for their kids. I stayed back and waited for them to come back to me. Is that maybe yo-yo parenting? "hey guys! I'll be right over here in the decontamination station when you get done, okay? Okaaayyyyyy!"

When they tired of the swarm of every kid in town, we headed out on one of the peninsulas for a little quieter view. 

If he were bald, this would be the greatest little monk shot...

Rainbow glasses, of course.

Eventually, it was time to get to the egg stations and await the helicopter.

It did NOT disappoint. 
(Although, it was pretty freakin' scary to have that thing RIGHT on top of us...)

And then it was time for the 5-6 year old hunger games...

Ev scored big. 
So then we made our way to Em's corral and waited for the chopper to return.

May the odds be ever in your favor...

She killed it!
On our way back to the car, we ran into the giant Jimmy's (Easter) egg. 

For recycling your eggs, you got a keychain card for Wendy's for a free frosty ANY time you go in! No purchase necessary!! So we traded our empty shells in and grabbed those because SUMMER and free FROSTIES?! Ummm YES PLZ.

So operation egg drop was a success!

And we have enough candy to last us a few more egg hunts....
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