Wednesday, April 22, 2015

A Castro Cassarole

Let's just throw together a bunch of randomness and call it good!!
yaaaayyyy! woo hooooooo!
(I know, right? You probably already left...)

//The bean hut + Garden
The beans have made their way into their new bed, and will *hopefully* start the ascent up the frame. But, with the Oklahoma storms we've been having....ugh.

Our cauliflower. The only one so far that has actually produced fruit.

//Trampoline Tricks + Backyard Bliss

//National Sibling Day

My sister flew in for a few days to visit. My niece is growing happily inside that belly, and i cannot WAIT to meet her!

Eat @ Joes
 Later on, we met up with the baby brother for some sibling shenanigans. I'm lusting after these chairs. They're supposed to be outdoor chairs, but knowing me, I'd have them inside in no time!

My sister didn't embrace the asian.

//Color Run: SHINE

We didn't plan on doing this race again, but once they released the fact that the 2015 tour was a SHINE one (meaning GLITTER!!), there was just no way that Em or I could NOT go. I mean, glitter, rainbows, racing, and family time!? Yes, please.

We couldn't find the other two members of our team that morning, and their phones were in the car, so we just crossed our fingers we'd catch them in the race - they were the ones wearing white, right?

As luck would have it, we actually DID find them! And all was well. 

On the home stretch, the skies opened and lightning + thunder came down with rain and rain and rain.
We finished up quick and ran for cover. The after-party is always the best part, but being struck by lightning wasn't on our list of maybe to dos, so off we went!
(and made it just in time for my sister's baby shower!)

//Greens Harvest

The first broccoli harvest was taking place in the Castro Gardens! Can you even believe it?! We're growing FOOD, people!! FOOD!!

They grabbed some lettuce for salads in their lunches the next day, too. 

Emma eats her broccoli raw, Evan & I eat them steamed. John doesn't really like it either way, ha!
I'm always curious, though. How do you like yours?


After a full fall + winter of being syringe fed, I am trying to teach Buckbeak to hunt her own food, in hopes that one day, she will be able to rehabilitate to the wilderness and live on her own. 
It's been hard. 
She can catch them, but it takes awhile.
She can bite them, but forgot how to gradually swallow whole.
It's going to be a long summer for this little one, but we'll be here cheering her on. 

//Cutest Picture in Life

//The scare crow pug.

//Shopping Trip!

A day shopping with the sister and kids, without makeup because for some reason I've been doing that a lot lately. 
(alzeimers, obviously)

//A visit

From the most cutest beautifullest little snake EVER! 
Woulda kept her if I could.

//Family Yoga

3/4 of us have 3 different running issues that all stem from weak hip reflexors. So when my yoga lady told me yoga would help, I grabbed the other 2 non-yogis and dragged them out. 
Here they are, iphoning and LEGOing before class starts.

They're hard core. 

We dropped sports and activities for this. Why? Because it's worth it.
Even moreso now that the other two are doing it with us.
Family, friends, health, and God's green earth.
Pretty much all our prayers in one place. 


//Last Call

The last middle school dance was last friday, and the traditional pre-dance dinner at El Vaquero was in full effect. And it grows each time, which makes it okay that this was the last - one more and we're taking two vehicles!

This crew.
Silly, willy nillies.


Our pond was calling us the other day.
Just tugging on our souls.
So off we went with poles and tackle and crossed fingers.

My dad always knew what times of day the fish bit. He always reminded me, and I've failed miserably to pass that on. My poor kids have no idea when fish bite the most, what color lure goes best with this sky and this water, and Evan is already six and has no clue how to tie a fishing knot!

But, we'll get there. 
Hey, at least they're casting?

I caught the one and only fish that afternoon.
A little bass. 

The one that got away...

I was teaching Evan how to take a fish off the hook and hold it properly. He wanted to hold it like a bear, full fish grip. Love that kid. 

//The Annual Checklist

It is done. It is on the fridge, and there are two more "additions" hanging in the kids' rooms of special things that they want to do this summer, not necessarily as a family. 
And they're ADORABLE.
I'll have to snap a pic of them. 

Do you make these? 
We always have a couple we don't get to. A few we do a zillion times. And a page of additional things they scribble on in the tiny blank spaces all summer long.
They change every year. 
But we love them. 


Grandad + Grandar have a berry farm. So far, it's only been on paper and a few wild berries here and there, but it's officially berry planting season and the farm has been readied!

We went out for the day. Emma spray painted posts for the covers, Grandad + John installed the posts. I was cutting holes in the groudcover and planting baby bushes, and Evan was driving his 4wheeler around gathering things from the cabin and relaying messages between us all. 

Only 800 bushes will go in this year, 4 different kinds, and each year more will go in.
This was the first row. 

Once Emma had finished her spraying, she and Evan explored the acreage that we never go to.
I got this photo right as the thunder started.

I heard the 4W start up somewhere in the distance and speed its way to the van.
John + I lifted it in just as the rain and hail began pouring down. Ouch!

In the next days following, Grandad + Grandar got the rest of them planted.
Next summer, we'll be swimming in the finest, freshest berries in Oklahoma!

//Furry ones

A pugalicious face.

And a kitty with a tiny heart in her eye. 

Happy April!

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